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When it comes to traumatic brain injuries, the focus has been on football helmets in recent years. But, “over 18,000 workers suffered traumatic brain injuries in 2019,” says Tim Gallant, product director for Ergodyne. Now, the same multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) that goes into specialized sports helmets is available in Skellers safety helmets to help protect workers from angled impacts.

While hard hats traditionally have been designed to provide protection from direct impacts only, a Mips Elevate, low-friction layer slides multi-directionally, to help redirect rotational energy that otherwise might be transferred to a worker’s head upon falling or impact.

“It’s our hope that this partnership will encourage safety managers to think beyond the worksite to the lifelong effects these incidents can have on worker health and safety,” says Tom Votel, the company’s president and CEO.


A Tougher Alternative

For those looking to add a metallic look to their products, Rehau introduced a new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) surface line. The Rauvisio ferro metallic surface is designed to offer a palette of “stately, highly touchable colors that represent refinement, elegance and a rich sense of history,” officials suggest.

According to company information, metal foil laminates can be pierced or dented due to their malleabilities, but Rauvisio ferro is a solid PET with no delamination. That gives the product a “forever like new” appearance, even in high-moisture environments. A metallic, printed clear layer over a base color layer makes the product resistant to scratches, mold, chemical damage and fingerprints.


Better Speed and Consistency

Vitro Architectural Glass and GED Integrated Solutions teamed up to launch a new extruder tip and sealant bead application system. Intercept LiteLock provides licensees of Intercept insulating glass technology with better efficiency, performance and quality improvements, officials say. Compared to the standard GED nozzle tip, which applies a rounded sealant bead during the extrusion process onto the Intercept spacer, the new, patent-pending Intercept LiteLock nozzle tip applies sealant “in a unique bead geometry, resulting in robust adhesion to the spacer metal substrate at near-finished bond line width,” officials say.

The new system allows for 30 to 50% faster processing speeds on GED’s Intercept Oven and Roll Press, while creating a wider process window. The result, they say, is a more consistent, uniform and secure seal between spacers and glass, which maximizes the service life of insulating glass units (IGUs). Other benefits include increased throughput, lower oven and roll press exit temperatures, reduced energy consumption, reduced consumable parts costs, precise sealant application and a smoother, more forgiving application process, according to company information.


Lining Up

It can be a challenge to line up strikers on multi-point locks. Roto North America introduced a new multi-point lock and adjustable strikers for a four-point system. Independent, adjustable strikers offer fabricators increased adjustment ranges on the top and bottom locking points, where doors are more prone to misalignment. The system includes robust hook-style locking points, with two opposing primary hooks and an additional outward facing hook 28 inches from each side of the center line. An integrated mishandling device prevents hooks from throwing to avoid damages to frames and hardware.

Manufactured in Canada, the locks are produced with an anodized aluminum faceplate and 300 series stainless steel drive rail for corrosion resistance. They’re compatible with a standard 100mm, three-hole, U.S. tail-driven system and also available in a 125mm square drive system.

Sliding Systems

Bigger, Better Options

Weather Shield expanded its Contemporary Collection and Premium Series aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors with redesigned multi-slide door systems. Enhancements combine improved performance, modern styling and easy assembly with narrow profiles, officials say.

The Contemporary Collection comes with narrow stiles and rails that are 3-1/4-inches wide, while the Premium Series offers a wider 5-1/8-inch stile and rail with a height range that can be expanded to 12 feet. Panels for both are 2-1/4 inches thick and sizes range to 57-1/2-ft. wide.

With glass-reinforced nylon endcaps, side jambs easily connect to sills using an interlocking dovetail joint and head jambs via a unique click-together system.

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