GlassBuild America ended yesterday in Atlanta, and while overall the show traffic was down compared to years past, what didn’t slow was the quality of attendees.

“We opened the doors [on the first day] and had 20-30 people in our booth, and it was non-stop traffic,” said Jennifer Walrich, product manager at Magid. “People are noticing the sweaters and how lightweight they are, and it’s a really good thing.”

Magid unveiled its new line of PPF that combines safety protection and comfort.

Magid unveiled its new line of personal protective equipment (PPE) specially engineered to serve the unique needs of the glass and fenestration industries. The ANSI cut A9 garments are up to 30% lighter than comparable products for the highest levels of cut protection, while also offering comfort and breathability, according to the company.

The M-GARD® garments with AeroDex® technology integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques to offer a lighter weight PPE that won’t trap heat. The clothing is designed to protect especially vulnerable areas such as the neck, underarm, upper inside leg, and wrist with ANSI A9 cut protection and ANSI A7 protection at the chest, upper arm, torso, and back.

“Magid has been providing solutions for glass manufacturing customers for decades. So when our customers told us that the PPE they were getting from other sources was bulky, cumbersome, and hot, we assembled a team to travel the country talking to customers in facilities from float glass plants to window and door assembly facilities,” said Walrich. “They told us, not only that their PPE wasn’t working for them, but that they were having trouble with supply lines and high prices. We got to work using some of our latest innovations in cooler, lighter, cut-resistant materials to create exactly what workers need to stay safe and comfortable in the hot environment of glass [and window] manufacturing.”

Delta Rack unveiled the new PalletRack that can attach to any pallet and turn it into an A-frame design.

In the packaging and handling products category, Delta Rack and Leading Edge had a few to show off in their booth. Delta Rack unveiled the new PalletRack that can attach to any pallet and turn it into an A-frame design. Each rack comes in 4-foot lengths, and additional sections may be added to meet the needs of individual companies. “The product has generated a lot of leads here,” said Ed Fink, team leader and product manager.

Leading Edge introduced the V-Coil Cart, a mobile storage cart that can handle all typical slit widths and lift a maximum weight of 300 pounds per coil. It offers a safer work environment for those who need to change oils frequently and can hold up to eight coils.

The Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant cures rapidly and adheres in less than 15 minutes.

On the selants side, Novagard unveiled the Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant that cures rapidly and adheres in less than 15 minutes, according to Julio Sanchez. “This allows increased throughput [for window companies], and saves space in the facility while offering superior adhesion and strength.”

There is no doubt that a trade show is an excellent opportunity to unveil new products. And if you’re a guy like Glenn Paesano, sales and marketing manager for Vision Hardware, whose mind is always churning with new innovations, then having a year off from GlassBuild was difficult.

“We didn’t have a show last year, and I used this as a testing ground to gauge the industry and my ideas,” he said. “I came out with 30 new products this year.”

Many of those were front and center in the booth, so Paesano could test interest. “With the labor shortage, especially, customers are always looking for ways to increase peroformance,” he said.

One of these is a snap-and-lock system that eliminates screwholes, but the real benefit is from a production standpoint.

“You can eliminate that station completely,” said Paesano. “This reduces the physical stress on the workers, and it frees up those employees to work on another station which allows you to move more windows faster and with less energy.”

Stay tuned to tomorrow for its last video from the event.

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