The National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) staff and board demonstrated the value of teamwork during the recent Energy Expo, when they collaborated to educate a diverse group of the organization’s stakeholders.

NFRC board member Daniel Huard delivered the event’s keynote address, which was held at the Miami International Airport Convent Center, August 25 and 26. The Energy Expo is the only tradeshow targeting the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean comprised by more of 45 countries. It brings together North American and global manufacturers and distributors to connect with buyers, professionals, dealers, operator, and contractors from those markets.

Speaking to a group of more than 100 design-build professionals, code officials, and energy auditors, Huard delivered a presentation titled “It’s a New Era for Businesses and Professionals: Are you Ready to Face it?”

“Climate change will disrupt supply chains more than COVID,” he told the audience. “The best way for us to rise to this challenge is to keep equity and inclusivity at the heart of all we do.”

Huard also called for a paradigm shift in the way we design and operate buildings and added that this requires the green building community to educate, learn, and network more than ever.

Following the keynote address, Tom Herron, NFRC’s senior director, business development and special projects, spoke about the variety of educational materials NFRC provides to help audience members educate their clients, customers, and colleagues on the value of the organization’s energy performance ratings.

Beyond energy savings, Herron explained how fenestration products and systems contribute to health and human performance, and engaged the audience in a conversation about how building owners can use certified windows to help demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

On the second day of the event, both speakers participated in a panel discussion titled, “Infrastructure Program: Where are the Opportunities?” They shared ideas about the need for effective code enforcement to ensure better buildings and how to foster engagement that educates the industry. They also considered how the green building industry can amplify its impact and talked about the need for business schools to serve as a force for the public good.

“Sometimes, success can take longer than we would like it to,” Huard said. “Getting there requires us to avoid the search for a silver bullet and to focus on finding the most effective solutions.”

With more than 300 members, primarily consisting of door, window, and skylight manufacturers, NFRC is in a unique position to share industry best practices to inspire innovation to create better products with lower carbon footprints. Many NFRC members are already taking steps to build a sustainable future and we encourage our members to share their sustainability efforts through our sustainability member spotlight.

In order to facilitate real change, we understand that begins with educating the public about the importance of energy efficient NFRC-certified doors, windows and skylights. NFRC provides tools and resources for consumers, salespeople, code officials, architects and builders to better understand and speak knowledgably about the energy-performance label on our website.

It’s this type of collaboration among NFRC staff, members, and board members that creates unity. It’s this spirit of combined purpose and focused energy that helps the organization move forward.

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