Avoiding Saturation: Change is About Recognizing the Inevitable and Embracing the Positive

By Dan Barber

I think we can all agree that last year was the year of “change.” As a result, many feel saturated and refer to change as a disruption. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders is the peril of too much change.

Companies are feeling overloaded: the worldwide pandemic; record industry growth; rising material costs; limited resources; labor shortages; and political unrest. We, as an industry and a nation, are facing these phenomenal challenges at a rapidly increasing rate. All these influences demand our attention and ultimately some form of action. To adapt to a new business model is no longer a choice but a necessity for a company to survive and not be left behind.

Is your company nearing a point of change saturation? Would you recognize the effects of this in your business and employees?

Change saturation occurs when there is so much going on that it negatively impacts individuals and the organization. That said, there are several mindsets and practices we can look at to overcome this dilemma. Let’s revisit some truisms about change.

The Undeniable Facts

• Change happens with or without us. It always has and always will.
• We therefore can anticipate that change will happen. Remember, nothing remains the same; we move forward or slide backward.
• We need to watch diligently for change. How will our lives, our businesses or our relationships begin to shift?
• We must recognize change. A problem must be acknowledged in order to address it.
• We must learn to respond quickly to change and be flexible if we are to succeed moving forward—personally and professionally. Otherwise, we become stagnant, slide back and eventually cease to exist.
• Action is required to facilitate change. Adaptation is the key to our existence—meaning adjust, modify and/or shift quickly.

A perfect illustration of these certainties includes the rapid move to allow employees to work remotely, instead of closing or limiting office use, as a means for combatting the transmission of COVID-19—all while continuing our businesses. We recognized a change was needed, we defined it and we acted on it.

Remember, change is constant and always happening. We can find that it is not to be feared and, if we embrace it, may even find it to be exciting. The reality of the events occurring in our world today will open the way for more challenges—more change. We must look forward to this journey and accept the challenge. Does change present risk? Absolutely, but it also has its rewards if we welcome it.

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Dan Barber is WMA executive officer and vice president of finance and administration for Barnett Millworks Inc.

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