MasterGrain Doors, based in Concord, Ontario, has announced the appointment of Laura Weil as the organization’s next president. Weil brings an array of experience in the fenestration industry in Canada. She will join MasterGrain Doors on September 8, 2021. Prior to joining MasterGrain, Weil held the position of vice president of Euro+Glasshaus Windows & Doors and continues to hold the role of second vice-president of Fenestration Canada.

“My roots are in Canadian window and door manufacturing and MasterGrain Doors is known in the industry to have a vertically integrated manufacturing process and supply chain that ultimately brings refined fiberglass doors to an array of market sectors. I’ve admired MasterGrain Doors and Weber Technologies for years, so it is an honour to be selected to lead this exceptional team,” Weil says.

Weil will oversee developing, refining, and executing MasterGrain Doors’ sales and marketing strategy while positioning the company for continued long-term growth, the company says. She will also oversee the operations of the MasterGrain Door manufacturing facility and ensure exceptional product quality. John Martini, the current president of MasterGrain Doors, will stay on with the company in a supporting role as executive vice president and will continue with sales and product development initiatives.

“I am thrilled to have Laura come on board as our next president,” he says. “I am sure Laura will continue on with a well-executed growth strategy that will always include YOU the customer as our primary focus.”


  1. Congrats to Laura!

  2. If i didn’t already have a great job I would be sending my resume over to Mastergrain. Congrats Laura, great things ahead for you and Mastergrain!!

  3. Congrats Laura!

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