When Fenestration Canada announced in June that WinDoor was moving to a virtual format, executive director Stéphane Labelle made the announcement over Zoom, declaring, “We wanted to make the decision now, so we have the time to do it right.” In the months that followed, show officials carved out a new name and online format for their annual event: Marketplace by WinDoor. After the association’s Spring Conference went virtual—doubling attendance—the group is testing the waters by adding an online trade show to the mix. Don’t get too hooked on the concept, though, as show officials say for 2021 the organization plans to resume with an in-person event in Toronto.

Held November 16-20, Marketplace by WinDoor offers both live and on-demand educational sessions via two streams: technical and business. Meanwhile, information posted by exhibitors on the event’s marketplace will remain available and can be updated for a full year, as the site is designed to stay up and operating, officials say. At the same time, there will be a “WinDoor Week” for the days when the show was originally scheduled to take place.

“We will have live coverage of the event every day and exhibitor hours where exhibitors will be in their booths to interact with attendees,” says Laine Atkins, event manager for Fenestration Canada. “Attendees are encouraged to keep coming back to the platform to re-visit exhibitors and exhibitors are encouraged to update their booth materials on an ongoing basis to keep content fresh,” he adds.

The event will also include its usual “Best Booth Awards,” presented by [DWM] magazine, and opportunities for social networking, such as a live trivia night.

Registration is free for the trade show, but companies must pay to access the event’s educational content. Officials say the cost is $300 per company, allowing an unlimited number of employees to attend.

Addev Materials Group

With a long-standing presence in Canada’s building and construction markets, officials for Addev say their company supports customers in the assembly, installation and maintenance of windows with strong expertise in adhesive materials, foams, sealants and “all the industrial capacities to convert them.” The company’s mechanical window components include everything from setting blocks, glazing tapes, finishing tapes and sash and corner gaskets, to head/sill gaskets, muntin tapes and cork spacers.


The “headliner” in Continental’s booth will include its new Mattex program. With skai Mattex, door and window makers can achieve single-color exterior surfaces with a gloss level of two (extremely matt). The product is designed to replicate the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum on vinyl products.

The surface of Mattex films is scratch-resistant and sealed with a PVDF-layer for low surface tension, making it easy to clean. The product is also highly resistant to chemicals.

Erdman Automation

With requirements for social distancing and the necessity for doing more with fewer employees, Erdman plans to draw attention to a new concept: the One Operator U-Shaped IG Line.

With approximately 45-second cycle times per 2-foot by 3-foot insulating glass unit (IGU) and a U-shaped layout, the automated unit is designed for maximum output with just one operator. Additional options provide 30- and 35-second cycle times.

With or without social distancing, the company sees its new format as the future for IGU production.


The software maker plans to use an online format to showcase its latest release: FeneVision ultimate. This latest version includes web- and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, dynamic creation of bill of materials (BOMs), capacity planning and production scheduling. Other features include dynamic and batch glass cutting optimization, lineal optimization, production tracking, FeneVision Delivery, invoicing, return merchandise authorization (RMA) and a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool.


Fentro will have two “booths” at the show—one for Fentro Window Systems and Doors and another for Fentro Hardware Systems, a division of Fentro Technologies Inc.

As the exclusive distributor of Koemmerling European door and window systems in Canada, the company plans to feature its 76MD and 88MD systems. Other products will include the pre-assembled lift and slide doors PremiDoors and PremiSlide 76. Premi doors are all tested in accordance with NAFS and are available in a variety of sizes, including an up to 21-foot-wide, two-panel configuration for the PremiDoor 88.

On the hardware side, most recently the company launched its Multi-Point Locking Solution for typical North American entry doors, using the AS4340 solution from Siegenia.


After the recent premiere of its 83-SLM-327 Speed line, Fux looks to keep the ball rolling at WinDoor Showplace. Officials say the new line provides continuous lamination of decorative and functional exterior and interior foils, laminates or veneers, onto various substrates—including window profiles made of vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and composites.

Based on the 83-PLM-327 wrapping line launched two years ago, the 83-SLM-327 is equipped with new, automatically adjusting features that were previously manual, including the machine bed and transport rollers, a foil positioning and guidance system, and pressure adjustment of the application roller. The unit also includes a turbo primer drying unit and an Opti Prime System that includes six electronically controlled primer pumps.


Among the new additions to Novatech’s lineup are simple and bold stained-glass options, sandblasted finish patterns and new additions to its Design Collection. The company’s decorative accents offer improved design and quality in 2020, including Alunox, which combines the look of brushed stainless steel with the advantages of aluminum.

The company will also feature its NHP high performance system for doors, which is said to provide better resistance, enhanced insulation and improved water tightness.

Novatech offers system drawings, product development support and access to the company’s lab in order to help door companies with integration.

ODL Canada

ODL Canada plans to debut two new decorative doorglass options: Affluent and Salix. Affluent is a modern style, decorative doorglass equipped with low-E+ coatings and Argon gas fill. The product features a steel blue swirl design, which the company designed to mimic the “rhythm of free-flowing water.”

Salix is a contemporary style glass, also with low-E+ coatings and Argon, that’s designed to reflect the beauty of nature via an earthy, organic pattern.

The company will also feature its latest Zeel frame, which is designed to be stained or painted to blend seamlessly into entry doors.


As a manufacturer and distributor of exterior and interior doors, decorative door glass and millwork products, officials for Trimlite say they’ll feature the company’s Solution Series door lite frame, which is now available in 11 standard sizes. The product can be painted or stained and features a patented interlocking system designed to eliminate the need for screws or plugs to simplify installation. The end result is described as “clean and low profile,” to fit the gap between colonial frames and flush-glazed products.


Ultrafab is set to introduce new Ultra Cell MicroCellular Foam Seals. The product features a new technology for “better overall performance than any other weather seal,” officials say. The company’s seals lead the industry in compression set resistance, they say, as well as in weatherability and color stability. The thermoplastic foamed interior of the seal also provides consistent, low closing forces that can be tailored to various applications.

Other key advantages include microcellular foam to reduce noise and eliminate dust, water and air movement, as well as UV-stabilized materials, for long-term weatherability and color stability. The product can be fully heat-welded and wraps 90º corners.

Veka Inc.

As in-person trade shows began to fade this year, Veka surfaced with an innovative solution for connecting with its customers: experienceveka.com. With an ongoing gallery of products and resources, the company equipped its new website with just what you would expect from a live show booth. In addition to case studies, brochures and videos, the company also presents
a cascade of new products. Among those featured is Ecolutions, a door and window system designed to fill the need for lower weight, high-performing windows that are capable of crossing over into different markets in order to reduce product SKU’s. Also presented are the company’s 82 Series window, including a system of hung, slider, casement and picture windows designed to accommodate triple-pane glazing, and a unique tool that allows visitors to visualize the Pinnacle brand solid-color and woodgrain laminates.

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