Attivo Comes to North America

Rehau launched its new Attivo hardware throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S. The door and window hardware range, which includes the European-made Kovinoplastika Lož Hardware ARXspin line, is  anufactured using the ARXCoat hot-dip galvanizing, for adding longevity on tilt-turn, turn and hopper windows, as well as balcony doors.

The product range offered through the company’s Attivo program includes Rehau branded components for window and balcony door configurations that can support up to 287 lbs. of sash weight and sash heights of up to 94-1/2 inches. Options for rollers and locking cams provide customized levels of security and handles and cover caps are available in up to eight standard colors.

Keep it Simple

Officials for Roto say their research shows that business-to-business providers place a high value on easy-to-install systems that offer minimal complexity. For this reason, the company developed and offers modular systems that not only use identical parts but offer compatibility across products. For example, the NX hardware range allows fabricators to switch over to tilt and turn systems without major investments. Other benefits include quick and simple assembly with minimal complexity, a reduced number of required items and a wide range of applications, according to the company.

Roto NX also offers the Roto Com-Tec wireless sensor, which is tailored for integration into home automation systems.

Added Flood Protection

Door seals are designed to prevent water intrusion, but even the best isn’t made to hold back floods. For customers who are interested in added protection, Legacy’s marine-grade, aluminum shields are designed to slip into brackets mounted to interior or exterior door frames, then tighten into place when needed. The system acts as a dam, including closed-cell, rubber seals along the sides and bottom of panels for watertight compression.

Custom sizes are available up to 30 inches high and 48 inches wide and can be stacked for additional height. Interlocking posts extend panel widths for larger openings.

An Alternative to Aluminum

For dealers that cross over from residential to commercial, but would prefer to stick with vinyl products, Deceuninck recently introduced a new line that officials say is “an excellent alternative to aluminum windows.”

The 579 Series is perfect, they say, for remodeling, replacement and new midrise projects. The product is designed to bring enhanced thermal performance to commercial designs and offers a wide color palette, including bronze and black, along with more than 100 accessory options.

On the light commercial side, the company’s 326 Series is available with integral nailing fin and retro flange or block frame, on casement, awning, picture, sideload single-hung and single slider configurations. Meanwhile, T-bar and astragal options allow for multi-unit combinations.

An Age-Old Solution

As people look for more ways to avoid germs, Nostalgic Warehouse aims to promote an age-old solution: brass doorknobs and hardware.

According to the company, copper and copper alloys were recently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid, antimicrobial material. Brass and bronze, officials say, pose a natural ability to kill certain viruses on contact—including Influenza and human coronavirus. According to company information, “A virus can survive just minutes on a copper or brass surface, compared to weeks on a stainless steel one.”

All of the company’s hardware is forged from solid brass and it offers an unlacquered finish that is said to “unleash the intrinsic protections.” Unlacquered hardware still needs to be gently cleaned on a regular basis and may be polished, or allowed to gracefully age with color.

Matching Interiors

For customers who like the look of Gerkin Windows and Doors’ Midnight color for exteriors, the company announced that for its Comfort Series it now offers the same option for interior surfaces. Midnight is made of the same Exofol material used for the company’s exterior finishes and won’t fade over time. “Many vinyl window companies use paint or PVC laminate films that easily fade, chalk, crack and scratch,” says T. Evan George, vice president of sales and marketing.

Exofol is an acrylic-based, printed film that’s applied using an adhesive that forms a solid bond with vinyl when exposed to air. According to the company, the acrylic finish on its films reduces heat by using a solar shield technology and has multi layers that also block ultra-violet (UV) rays while resisting weathering.

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