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I have a hunch you may be taking a good look at every single aspect of your operations in this crazy time of COVID-19. Smart businesses across the country, no matter what industry they are in, are picking apart all aspects for things like what to cut, what to keep, what to change.

So maybe one of the things door and window manufacturers are considering is whether or not you still want to buy or make your own insulating glass. Editor Drew Vass has a great article on that beginning on page 30. It examines both options from various experts, but ultimately makes clear that it’s up to you to decide what option is best for your company.

Door and window dealers can go through the same scenarios, and look at the current product lines they carry. In the article on page 21, he highlights those dealers who are still posting growth—even through COVID-19. And these dealers give us their go-to door and window lines—including in some cases specific products. If you are a manufacturer who was chosen as a dealer’s go-to, kudos to you—it’s not an easy feat.

But what about the dealer who has a line that isn’t showing dividends? Perhaps it’s time to let that one go and try a new one. Now may be just the time to make that leap. How to find those new products when zero trade shows are happening right now? Go virtual—many of the industry’s events have moved online and you can find that entire list on page 39, but I will tell you about one of those here.

Our parent company is hosting Glass Expo VE, in conjunction with our educational partner GlassCon Global VE, which will be held September 9-10 online. Don’t let the name fool you—it has a strong fenestration component too—including seminars aimed at door and window companies, and suppliers in this segment as well. Registration is free for all readers, so why not attend? You can sign up at Use the promo code DWMM. While on the site you can also watch a video preview to get an idea for the interactive event and the features that will be available.

Hang in there during these challenging times (but if you read my last column you know that I will not call this the new normal), and use this opportunity to weigh all your options, and emerge from this even stronger.

Tara Taffera is the publisher of [DWM] magazine.

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