With a Similar Deck of Cards, IBS Heads Back to Vegas

Touted as the largest show in the world for light construction, the International Builders’ Show draws out the biggest displays among door and window products. Last year, companies turned their booths into glass mazes with oversized doors and drew attendees in with bright colors that could be seen from halfway across the show floor. Held January 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will this year’s show break the mold? Probably not. But based on [DWM]’s research finding everything from laser etching to thermal enhancements, there should be enough on hand to wear your heels out.

Last year, Weather Shield struck a tone with oversized doors that centered on merging indoor and outdoor environments. This year, the company will follow a similar vein, with what officials are now calling “Unobstructed.” That theme fits well with a unique French-style casement window the company plans to debut. The product is similar to push-out casements, but does not include a center stability bar. Among doors, the company will have new, single-lever hardware on display, which allows panels to shift inward, landing perpendicular to walls.

Speaking of themes, officials for Therma-Tru say their booth will break products into three categories: Curated Casual, Modern Mix and Lively Heritage. Based on [DWM]’s recent findings, those names mesh well with some of the latest trends, including those that blur the lines between modern and traditional. (Find more on those trends in the article on page 38.)

Eye Catchers

Hardware manufacturer Inox will once again feature its CeraMax Rainbeaux line, which includes bright, bold colors. But this year the company plans to make the line even more attractive by adding laser art to the mix. The Laser Art line of hardware includes intricate designs that are etched into the company’s CeraMax finish.

Therma-Tru will also debut PrismaGuard Paint, with “nature inspired” colors. The line includes paints and stains that can be applied to its composite door frames and surrounds for added accents. Applied in a controlled environment, the finish is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Thermal Advancements

Starting with last year’s Builders’ Show, the industry saw a trend toward more products with improved thermal break technologies. In addition to its new finish, Therma-Tru is looking to capitalize on that momentum with new foam-core, fire-rated doors. Insulating foam isn’t a material you might expect to associate with resistance to heat (most end in a gooey mess), but, designed primarily for multi-family, commercial and house-to-garage applications, the product is tested to withstand 20 minutes of fire exposure at temperatures of more than 1,400 degrees F.

Officials for Kolbe say it will feature a new AL Line for its VistaLuxe Collection, including a full selection of thermally-broken, all-aluminum doors and windows, while representatives for Hope’s Windows say their company plans to draw the spotlight to a new One55 Series window, featuring Thermal Evolution technology. Kolbe’s AL Line uses fiberglass-reinforced polyamide strips to provide a thermal break in aluminum framing members. First introduced in 2013, on the Hope’s Landmark 175 Series of doors and windows, Thermal Evolution adds a thermal break to products made of steel.

One55 is named for Building 155 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, where the company provided windows for a restoration project. The idea includes replicating the historic look of industrial steel windows, while including a fiber-reinforced polymer isolator that’s machined and integrated into the product’s profile.

In addition to the One55 Series, officials say Hope’s will also spotlight the Jamestown175 Series of hurricane pivot doors, which are fully tested and certified for use within hurricane and impact zones, adhering to Miami-Dade County, Florida Building Code (FBC) and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards. The product follows the trend of massive doors, including 6-foot-wide by 11-foot-tall single panel options.

Lastly, no show is complete without new, insect- and rot-resistant components. This year, in Therma-Tru’s booth, you’ll find a new composite door frame with Tru-Guard technology. The design leans on the usual benefits of composites, but also includes added features, like reinforced mullions to provide additional stability.

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