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Paradigm View is Ready for Prime Time and It’s Quite Snappy

When it comes to home improvement, some people lack the ability to envision. To remedy this problem, programmers at Paradigm have worked to develop artificially intelligent visualization software. When deployed by dealers, contractors and manufacturers, Paradigm View also ties in with product catalogues and specification data to automate the selection and quoting processes. In October, the company announced that its new web-based system was ready for a test run by [DWM]’s editors.

Paradigm View allows homeowners to upload photos of their homes to a cloud-based app, which identifies fenestration automatically. After clarifying approximate dimensions for doors and windows, users then scroll through available products and set design parameters in order to see what those features would look like in their homes—even fetching cost estimates. “We’re drawing real products from real catalogs onto pictures of real homes,” says Matt Davis, one of the company’s developers.

In a hands-on test run: [DWM]’s editors found View was easy to use. Running the software in Apple’s Safari browser on an iPad, we captured and uploaded a photo. Within seconds the app correctly identified fenestration—including one window that was partially blocked out by foliage. After making some minor corrections to shapes (by tap and drag), clarifying sizes and providing a zip code, the software displayed all of the available options for doors and windows, allowing us to select everything from finish and color, to glass types and grill patterns. An ‘Apply to All’ button streamlined the process, quickly displaying what the selected products would look like after installation.

Though we didn’t request a quote, a company representative confirms that door and window companies can choose to display basic pricing data (dollar signs to depict approximate price ranges) or include exact pricing, with labor.

“The idea is to let homeowners play on their own while seeing and electing from actual products, then to hand those quotes off to dealers,” Davis says. “It’s about how we get them to the best visual and basic selections with the fewest clicks, while ensuring those selections are available.”

Tough and Flexible

In addition to NovaFlex products, NovaGard offers a single-component glazing known as Ultra-Low Migration Glazing Sealant—including a high-impact version that meets Miami-Dade code requirements. According to company information, these non-corrosive, single-component silicones cure upon exposure to atmospheric moisture, thus forming a tough silicone seal. The company also offers a two-part Qwik Set Glazing, which provides faster options through flexible mix ratios.

Made for Pros

Not every electronic lock system is designed with professionals in mind. In September, Yale (part of ASSA ABLOY) released the Pro Series—a line of products that officials say is designed specifically for professional installers.

The company’s first offering, the Yale Pro SL, is a keyless smart lock that includes Z-Wave Plus technology, allowing it to tie in with other professionally installed products, including electronic systems by ADT, Resideo by Honeywell, AT&T, Ring and others.

The lock’s keypad wakes by touching the Yale logo, and locks with another touch. To unlock, homeowners enter their custom entry code or integrate into smart home or alarm systems.

Glide Along

RSL recently announced the release of Glide Single Operator Internal Blinds. Designed to be sleek and ergonomic, and enclosed between two tempered lites of glass, officials say its new blinds easily raise, lower and tilt, while naturally preserving their looks and integrity with no required cleaning or dusting. The product is offered in white and Earthtone, across “a multitude of sizes,” according to company information.

Protective Savings

Representatives for Emballages LM Packaging say door and window companies can save time, money and labor by utilizing the company’s protective packaging for brick moulding. Customizable packaging is also available to fit whatever products need to be shipped, including the company’s U-thermos along with other cardboard products.

Behind the Scenes

If you’ve experienced the latest entryways featuring large, pivot-style doors, then chances are you’ve witnessed the work of FritsJurgens. The company’s System M “in-the-door” pivot-style closer continues to gain acceptance by manufacturers and fabricators, officials report, leading the Dutch manufacturer to continue innovating.

The company recently expanded its System M offerings to include six models, each tuned to deliver adjustable closing speeds to doors weighing from 50 to 770 lbs., while ADA-compliant models are tested for opening force and closing speed. Other additions include a hexagon guide, which allows fabricators of extra wide doors to provide an easy-to-install, chase mortise in the top of doors to help reach spindle settings and gap adjustment screws. An improved bottom plate, which officials say is small enough to disappear under the door when closed, is now available in a PVD black finish.

Dual Benefits

For door and window companies looking to span both residential and commercial projects, REHAU’s System 4500 offers simulated U-value ratings of 0.17 and an acoustical rating of up to STC 43/OITC 34. The product is suited to large openings, features compression-seal technology, multi-point locking hardware and a glazing capacity of up to 1-3/8 inches. With a structural NAFS rating of up to AW-PG100 and an impact rating of up to DP65, the system is offered in tilt-turn, awning, hopper and fixed window configurations, as well as matching doors.

Maximum Adjustability

Bystronic Glass offers the Easy-Lift Window, a handling solution that company officials say is designed specifically for door and window manufacturing. The product features suction pads that are spring-mounted, enabling height compensation, and can be adjusted as required. Outer pads are equipped with extendable arms and the pads located in the central area can be quickly and individually adjusted across X and Y axes in order to enable safe suction and secure handling.

On request, an integrated rotary function assumes a 90-degree rotation of insulating glass or finished window. The vacuum is created via Venturi nozzles with an integrated latching system to increase safety.

Tighter Performance

A new corner drive system from ProVia incorporates locking points in the top corner of window frames (opposite of the hinge and operator slides) to improve structural performance on larger casement windows. The assembly transmits tie bar actuation force around the corner of the window frame at an integrated locking point that’s 3 inches from the top of the window. The integrated locking point reduces sash flex and improves air infiltration performance, according to company information.

The system comes standard on all Endure and Aspect casement windows sized 24 by 56-1/4 inches or larger, and is available as an option on smaller windows.

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