The Pre-Show Showcase

As one of Canada’s premier fenestration-related events, WinDoor meshes business with exhibition, also folding in cultural experience through its Main Event and other sponsored gatherings. While the show has seen its share of regrowth and improvement in recent years, officials say for the most part they’re sticking with the established format, including alternating locations—this year landing back in Toronto. Located at the International Centre and with the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel and Suites just a stone’s throw from Pearson International, the event makes access a cinch for those traveling.

In addition to a modestly-sized trade show, the event also hosts educational sessions, starting Wednesday (November 20) at 10 a.m., spanning into Thursday. Session topics are broken into two streams: business and technical. Business topics range from finances and insurance to employment and labor shortages. On the technical side, topics include an update on Canada’s Energy Star Fenestration Program and code updates, as well as info on digital factories and code logic.

Those planning to register onsite can do so starting at 9 a.m., Wednesday, with the trade show and educational sessions beginning just an hour later at 10 a.m.

Scheduled midway through the show’s lineup is WinDoor’s Main Event—a signature gathering that’s typically stocked with food, refreshments and entertainment, crowning the show’s regional flare.

Window Systems

Booth 302 – Energi Fenestration Solutions

Visitors to Energi’s booth will see the company’s Performance Series, a complete energy efficient window system that officials say is designed for performance and durability. The series includes fixed exterior opening windows, slider and hung windows, aluminum windows and lift and slide patio doors.

The exterior windows include multi-chamber profiles, for energy efficiency, while single-, double-sliding and hung window series are designed for tight spaces. Aluminum windows combine the aesthetics and durability of aluminum with the energy efficiency, ease of assembly and low-maintenance qualities of PVC. Several models are available for outdoors and indoors.

Lift-and-slide doors can be oversized and feature hardware that breaks down sliding and sealing into two separate actions. Turning the handle 180 degrees releases the door from its closed position, by lifting it ½-inch above the track.

Door and Window Systems

Booth 108 – aluplast

With aluplast’s IDEAL 7000 and IDEAL 8000 uPVC windows, officials say energy efficiency meets auditory insulation. The systems provider’s main entrance doors, roller shutters and controlled domestic ventilation systems offer the option for modern technology window units.

The Smart-Slide sliding door provides high thermal insulation, statics and sealing, and is easy to operate, according to company information. The product can be manufactured over short construction times.

Booth 101 – Fentro Technologies

Officials for Fentro Technologies say their company is working to keep up with demands for better quality and energy efficiency with its uPVC Window and Door Profile Systems and Pre-Assembled Lift and Slide Patio doors. Produced under the Kömmerling brand, the 76 mm double and center seal systems for renovations and new construction are available with double or triple glazing in various finishes. The company’s PremiDoors pre-assembled lift and slide patio doors have undergone extensive research and testing.


Booth 268 – AmesburyTruth

AmesburyTruth has designed a second-generation window opening control device (WOCD) for casement windows that the company plans to promote. SafeGard 2 addresses the serious issue of child safety and fall prevention as well as meets the ASTM F2090-17 standard for fall prevention devices with emergency escape release mechanisms.

SafeGard limits the opening of windows to four inches, but also offers a dual-release mechanism that allows windows to open to meet egress requirements. The WOCD re-latches automatically and is fully concealed when windows are closed.

Booth 114 – John Evans’ Sons

Constant-force springs manufacturer John Evans’ Sons will display its Drop-In Balance System, which is available in ½-inch and ¾-inch coil widths, and in single- to triple-coil combinations. The company will also feature its Side-Load Constant Force System, which includes sash guide components visible at the top of each sash corner. Guides can be replaced with the company’s sash cam, which gives windows an improved and cleaner look, according to company officials, which they say also allows for quieter and tighter-fitting sashes.

Booth 121 – Interlock USA

Interlock USA will focus on residential door and window hardware that’s suitable for a range of design requirements. The booth will showcase a selection of lift-and-slide, bi-fold swing and sliding door hardware for PVC, aluminum and wood applications. A special focus on casement windows will include displays with the NOVA casement window hardware line.

Booth 145 – Roto Frank

To match the trend for tall, wide and heavy casement windows, Roto has introduced the X-Drive Heavy Duty Casement Hardware System. A new operator, operator rack and hinges all are designed and tested to support a maximum sash size of 40- by 90-inches and up to 200 lbs.

Available in both OP06 and OP08 platforms, the system has a 15.2-inch-long arm, which is three inches longer than the standard dual-arm operator, according to company information. Hinges fit in a standard 7/16-inch stack height and tracks have an enhanced design and shoe that allows sashes to glide smoothly and efficiently. New parts are available in the company’s Cold-Rolled Steel or 300 Series Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance.

Door Glass

Booth 109 – ODL Canada

ODL Canada is debuting its new simple design frame: Zeel. The product is designed to be stained or painted to blend in with entry doors, in order to emphasize door glass. The low-profile look offers an alternative to flush glazed doors while providing the benefits of a snap-in frame system.
(See more details on page 47).

Booth 372 – TrimLite

Officials for TrimLite say the Solution Series features a simple, clean style that’s designed to blend into the background, letting the glass and door be the main attraction. The frame technology uses a compression seal and interlocking joints to adhere to doors, with no need for screw holes or plugs. The textured frame is built to resist warping and melting in
high heat areas, comes in two colors and is available in ten sizes. It is also available in three- and six-lite configurations.


Booth 356 – Vi-Lux

Officials for Vi-Lux say they’re pleased to introduce a new 6-9/16-inch by 2-1/2-inch reinforced mull post at WinDoor this year. The post is a one-piece extrusion with hollowed center that can be reinforced with either aluminum or laminated strand lumber. The product complements the company’s existing 4-9/16-inch reinforced mull post and is available in smooth white, stainable oak woodgrain or stainable mahogany woodgrain. The hollowed core in the company’s 6-9/16-inch mull post has 67% more area than the 4-9/16-inch mull post, allowing for stronger reinforcement.

Door Frames

Booth 271 – Endura Products

At this year’s show, officials for Endura say they’re introducing the new FrameSaver FusionFrame, a maintenance-free composite door frame. The product installs like a standard wood frame system and remains straight, with minimal shimming required. Also, it features depth-adjustable brickmould and a built-in level to help ease of installation.

Removable jamb stop and brick-mould covers hide fasteners without any additional repair work or plug covers, according to the company.


Booth 345 – Renolit

Renolit will introduce its latest Renolit IN woodgrains, including Seasoned Oak and Elegant Cherry. Seasoned Oak is best described as rustic modern, officials say, including a design and color that is neutral, coordinating with interior décors from farmhouse to city loft.

Elegant Cherry is designed to complement everything from rustic flooring to grey-toned furniture and cabinets. All Renolit IN films are offered with scratch-resistant, ultra-violet-cured coatings.

Booth 357– Sun-Spot Product

Sun-Spot Product is showing its catalytic heater, plug-and-play HT-200 system for curing organic coatings. Using infrared catalytic technology, the flameless combustion produced by the unit emits medium-wave infrared radiation, generating heat within any liquid coating through molecular excitation. This action drives solvents and water outward, causing the process to be quick and energy efficient, according to company information.

Booth 317 – AquaSurTech International

AquaSurTech is introducing the Universal Gantry spray system, which the company describes as a fairly low-cost, automated applicator designed to maximize flexibility with no additional floor space required. The unit, which is CNC-driven, is essentially a fixed gantry system, officials say, and can be assembled inside an existing spray booth. The optimal booth size is 24 feet in length by 14 feet wide and 10 feet high, but the footprint can be customized.

The system can spray components up to 21 feet in length, including oversized door and window boxes, all using automated technology.

Booth 232 – Continental

Continental will present several of its new surface finishes for exterior doors and windows, along with its existing Skai Woodec, a realistic looking wood exterior finish with deep embossing, durability and a matte finish.

A Turner Oak Malt pattern and two modern, white-washed oak patterns in grey and white will be presented. With their Scandinavian look, the finishes are designed to match modern interior design styles. The company will also re-feature its skai Jet Black, which has been seen at other tradeshows, and three, new, dark colors for the skai cool colors PLUS collection. New surfaces include an Anthracite gray, which comes with a fi ne sand grain embossing, the same color with a wood embossing, and the s-bronze color in the cool colors PLUS version.

Machinery and Equipment

Booth 155 – Erdman Automation

Officials for Erdman say its high speed dura line produces insulating glass at a rate that’s nearly twice as fast as traditional IG lines. Total labor for the line is three to four operators at a rate of up to 1200+ units per shift. Erdman says it thoroughly believes in the ability of vertical production to save time, as well as to reduce the potential for injury, qualifying more operators for service and minimizing breakage.

Booth 368 – Lothar Industrial Sales

Lothar Industrial Sales, a custom equipment manufacturer, is adding WEISS products to its services, and will have a line-up of adhesives, sealants and cleaners in its booth. These made-in-Germany products have been used throughout Europe for over 200 years, officials say, and offer thermally insulated composite panels for frame widening, for substructure (lift and slide doors) or window connection sections in window construction.

Booth 257 – Protomach

The GML 5000XS machining center from Protomach, which can handle PVC, aluminum and wood, will be on display. The center’s machining envelope can accept up to two 11-inch-wide pieces by employing independent clamping cylinders. Maximum piece length is 109 inches and a measuring tool at the machining head compensates for variations in material thickness. Controlled by an industrial computer with a resistant touchscreen, the system uses a Microsoft Windows operating system, which officials say makes for easy programming and data transfer. The machine features three programmable axes: X (the rack and pinion) and Y and Z (worm gear). Four machining tools with Elte electric spindles are located on the machine’s head.


Booth 225 – Veka Inc.

Entering the digital solutions arena for the door and window industry, Veka will showcase WIN, a patent-pending product that offers solutions to the fabricator extending beyond the production facility. The system makes product specifications, tracking, logistics, warranty claims and other information easily accessible, by facilitating communications among fabricators, installers and homeowners, making data available on everything from desktop systems to mobile devices.

Veka’s booth will also showcase the company’s new flagship door, the Corsair Gliding patio door system. The Corsair door is customizable for use in new construction or replacement, in two-, three- and four-panel configurations up to eight feet high.


Booth 127 – Tremco Residential Glazing Systems

Tremco will educate attendees on its EnerSEAL 332 Hot Melt Butyl IG Perimeter Sealant, a butyl-based, hot-melt sealant that’s especially formulated as an applied perimeter sealant used for fabricating insulating glass units. As part of the complete EnerEDGE insulating glass system, the product is the recommended sealant for use with the company’s EnerEDGE warm-edge spacer for moisture protection. As a single component, solvent-free solution, no mixing is required and there is no purge waste upon application.


Booth 159 – Quanex Building Products

Quanex plans to highlight several new and returning products, as well as to celebrate the 30th year of its Super Spacer warm-edge systems and the 50th year of Mikron.

The company will also feature its Dura line of single-seal warm-edge systems made for high-volume, high-performance IG production. Attendees can expect to learn more about numerous other products, including Edgetherm 3600, an active, single-part, hot-melt butyl sealant, and Sparklike Gasglass technology, for precise measurement of gas-filling in IG unit production.

Lastly, the company invites attendees to view its screens, featuring a large selection of options, as well as the opportunity for outsourcing to free up floor space and labor.

Booth 269 – H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller plans to showcase several new products and to hook attendees with information about its plant for producing reactive thermoplastic spacer, intercept and traditional box spacer insulating glass units. The Ködispace 4SG reactive thermoplastic warm edge spacer offers unlimited IG unit shapes and designs, thermal performance, and high gas retention. As a permanently flexible spacer, the product’s high elasticity and chemical bonding result in enhanced mechanical performance during environmental changes, officials say.

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