The foundation of a healthy sales culture is a company-wide commitment to increasing revenue and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Most industry companies are not earning the revenue or net profit that they are entitled to. Start by evaluating your processes across four core areas:

Ensure Salespeople Have Essential and Modern Tools 

Providing your reps with the most up-to-date tools and resources will give you a leg up on your competition. Think of in-home sales presentations as “mobile showrooms.” Along these lines, your team should have the following:

  • Quality samples, third-party materials, hard copies of customer reviews, industry certifications and relevant accomplishments;
  • A modern presentation design that showcases the value of your company and products and differentiates you from competitors; and
  • Specific industry-related materials that will aid in delivering a value proposition to each prospect.

Execute Systematic Sales Training

Many companies fail to devote enough time to training and re-training. Sales managers do not manage sales, they manage people. Sales managers and/or trainers must:

  • Invest one to two hours each week to prepare for meetings, while ensuring they are meaningful, upbeat and offer immediate and definable benefits to your reps;
  • Stick to the schedule and guard against interruptions;
  • Maintain a rigid agenda and focus on how your team can execute better;
  • Avoid negative messaging (any reprimands should be delivered in private);
  • Weed out sales reps who cannot or will not do what is required for success;
  • Require new reps to recite the script “verbatim” within a few days of training (focus on small sections to perfect); and
  • Set aside extra time to work directly with individual reps. All salespeople have a need to feel important and valued. Discover their interests and what makes them feel appreciated.

Recruit Continuously

When an immediate hire is more important than selecting the best sales personnel, you end up “settling,” while also reducing time to concentrate on weekly priorities. Implement a hiring process where you:

  • Maintain a continuous flow of resumes;
  • Interview two to three candidates each week;
  • Follow a structured interviewing and selection methodology (without compromise); and
  • Hold onboarding sessions for new reps every 4-6 weeks (at a minimum), while remembering that bench strength is vital to success.

Value Every Sales Opportunity

Your salespeople will begin to assign a value or score to their leads if they are taught to do so. While all leads are not created equal, it is vital that your reps approach each lead with the same systematic process. Be sure to:

  • Distribute leads based on performance, not availability or geography;
  • Ensure that struggling reps are not receiving as many leads as your high performers;
  • Conduct at least four “ride-alongs” every week; and
  • Implement a process to address cancellations immediately

In evaluating your sales process, do not concentrate alone on “close rates” and monthly revenue increases. Create a culture that strives for consistent improvement across the board, and you will reap the rewards.

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