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Cory Cederberg: president of Stallion Marketing Inc., now represents RSL steel doors, sliding patio doors and door glass. Cederberg has long-standing relationships, industry knowledge and over 25 years of millwork industry experience, officials said. His territory will encompass North Dakota,  South Dakota and Minnesota, as he reports to RSL’s director of sales John Ricci.


Sergio Garcia: was promoted to general manager at Crystal Window and Door Systems’ Riverside production facility. In his new role, Garcia oversees operations and administration, as well as provides strategic sales direction for the company’s West Coast production activities. Going forward, officials say Sergio will lead the addition of several new commercial fenestration products, while increasing automation and expanding the company’s presence in Northern California, Arizona and Nevada.

Garcia has 20 years of experience in window manufacturing. He joined the company in 2015, after serving as operations manager for Superior Windows and Doors in Ontario, Calif.


Beam Me Up: Greenberg Shares His Take on the Future of Windows and High-Tech Glass

Glen Greenberg says he didn’t choose to become a “glass tech guy,” so much as the role found him. After being lured into outfitting the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, with switchable and acoustically treated glass, Greenberg says he accepted his new label. It’s served him well over the years. As president of New York-based Glass Technology Consultants, Greenberg’s clients span Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Lockheed Martin and NBC.

In August, Greenberg contacted [DWM] to announce that his company had “cracked the code” on transparent, photovoltaic (PV) windows—including for residential. [DWM] interviewed Greenberg to discuss this and other window-related technologies.

What set you on a path toward clear, PV windows?

“I have always been an innovator and love of glass technology. And, I have a bad habit of when people ask, ‘Can you do this?’ and I say, ‘Yes, I think we can.’”

You mentioned that, in addition to generating power, this includes other features. What are some examples?

“It would be called multi-function windows with all kinds of customizable sensors including rain, heat and other factors. They are self-powered with batteries and motors. Basically, clear glass solar windows will have batteries and little motors in them, because we want to sell smart windows for the smart cities of the future. We’re going to have windows that will close when it rains, open when it’s too hot—all based on the sensors  that you connect to them.”

It sounds like with your vision for PV windows, it’s mostly about collecting and storing energy to be used by technologies within the window, more so than it’s about tying into the overall grid?

“Well, I think it’s really both. It would depend on the specific application, because, think about this—each one of these windows has its own USB port. You could plug in a 50- or 100-foot strip of LED lighting, which could be used for emergency lighting throughout a building.”

And again—these PV windows are totally transparent?

“Right now we have it at approximately 70% visible light transmission.”

The other big question for PV windows involves if and when they’ll go mainstream.

“Actually, right now we’re talking to some major manufacturers in the U.S. Two major players in the industry are considering licensing out the technology and doing the manufacturing. In fact, I met with one just yesterday.

We’ve been customizing radiant heat glass for about 14 years now and we don’t have documentation, but we believe that heating glass in the winter will actually increase the lifespan of the insulating glass unit. What partially leads to seal failure is the constant heating and cooling throughout winter and summer. By heating your glass in the winter, we think it will last longer. Even if the seal fails, just by heating up the glass you can eliminate condensation.”

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