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Kwikset Aura: A Basic Bluetooth- and Keypad-Enabled Lock With No Internet Access

Not everyone is comfortable with Wi-Fi and internet-connected door locks. For customers who prefer to keep their connections local with basic electronic and smartphone-based functionality, Kwikset’s Aura provides a standard key- and lever-based deadbolt with the added benefits of Bluetooth and electronic keypad access. With this deadbolt, your customers won’t be able to lock and unlock their doors remotely while away from home, but Bluetooth connectivity allows them to perform those functions from a range of up to 100 feet using a smartphone. An electronic keypad allows up-close operation using up to 250 unique access codes, with the ability to schedule access.

In hands-on testing: [DWM]’s editors found that Aura installs much like a regular deadbolt. Installation was fairly simple with a standard 2-1/8-inch bore hole, a 1-inch bolt hole and a 2-3/8-inch backset. However, there is one step that proved difficult: There’s a mounting plate that attaches to the door’s inside, affixing to the exterior keypad; keeping  the external assembly in place, whilst holding and mounting the plate is something that nearly required a second set of hands. Also, don’t be fooled when you fail to find the mounting plate among the provided parts and pieces. While the instructions fail to clarify, you’ll find it attached to the interior assembly where it needs to be removed prior to installation.

There is an issue with one screw that attaches the interior cover to the lock assembly. With the doorknob already in place, the bottom-most screw is nearly impossible to set with a regular-sized screwdriver. Installing the doorknob last is a good remedy.

Though they can use a standard key for starters, customers will need to complete the set-up of keypad and Bluetooth functions by downloading and installing an app onto a smartphone that needs to be authorized via several basic steps. This removes the onus from door and window dealers, while providing an added level of assurance to homeowners that they’re the only ones with access. In all, Aura is a reasonably priced electronic deadbolt that you’ll find easy to install and to sell among customers who want basic electronic functionality, without the added risks of internet-based access. It comes in satin nickel, Venetian bronze and iron black.

G-M Wood Products

Adding to its Dura-Frame rot-resistant substrate and an impact-resistant Dura-Tech top layer, G-M now offers Dura-Tech FX, a multi-layer, acrylic-based film. With two top layers to protect against the elements and a bottom layer that’s enhanced with an infrared-reflective Solar Shield Technology to reduce heat buildup. Meanwhile, the film’s low surface tension of the film allows for the use of regular, non-abrasive household cleaners.

Dura-Tech FX is available in four colors and four woodgrain patterns.

Single-Action Egress

Officials for Inox say the PD95 remains the only mortise lock with single-action emergency egress for sliding doors. The product provides a quick emergency exit through a deadbolt that automatically releases with a push of the inner handle in case of emergencies. An ADA-compliant thumb turn helps to meet code compliance for residential and commercial projects, such as entryways, patios, commercial offices and classrooms.

400-lb. Capacity

As doors continue to get larger and heavier, Roto North America introduced the new RotoFasco Secura Sliding Patio Door Roller DR07 to keep up with them. Sporting a 400 lb. per-roller capacity (supporting up to 800 lb. panels), the DR07 features a threaded side adjustment with 2-1/8-inch wheels and precision bearings. The product is available in steel or stainless steel and is on the AAMA Verified Components List.

Other options include the company’s 21000 roller, which has an end adjust, and the 21008, which has a side-adjust—both of which are AAMA verified up to 200 lbs. for a 400-lb. panel capacity.


Sika Corp.’s new Sikaflex-510 AM50 is a single-component, low modulus, fast-curing, elastomeric hybrid sealant that officials say provides movement capability of +/- 50%.

In addition to its flexibility, the product’s adhesion to non-porous substrates and applications that require painting make it well suited for weather sealing window perimeters, joints or gaps connecting dissimilar substrates, officials suggest.

The product meets ASTM C920 Class 50 and, according to  company information, offers superior ultraviolet (UV) resistance and weathering, low VOCs, excellent color retention and a fast skin time.

Strength and Elegance

By the nature of their center-joining designs, French doors aren’t always suited for strength against impact. Marvin’s Elevate Inswing French Door, on the other hand, is capable of achieving PG50 to PG55 ratings. Available in heights of up to 8 feet and with a five-point hardware system, the new door features a fiberglass exterior that’s designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in coastal regions, including strong winds, driving rain, humidity, salt and sun. Meanwhile, a High Performance Upgrade option allows Elevate to achieve a  PG50 rating, while one- and two-panel Impact IZ3 options achieve PG55.

UL-10C Classification

Magnasphere Corp. recently announced that several of its UL-634 listed door contacts have been tested and classified as UL-10C, the Standard for Positive Pressure Tests of Door Assemblies. Classification allows the company’s contacts to be used in fire-rated doors.

In addition to the L2C-A-FIRE, Magnasphere’s surface-mounted HSS-L2D and HSS-L2S Level 2 contacts received 20-minute fire classification, while the HS-L1.5 has a 45-minute fire classification and the MSS-300-FIRE series received three-hour classification.

Added Vapor Barrier

For door and window companies producing their own insulating glass units (IGUs), Avery Dennison performance tapes offer vapor barrier film laminates that enhance warm edge spacer performance. The company’s laminate adhesives provide solid bonding to IGU spacer materials and resist plasticizer migration. The vapor barrier film technology assist as a thermal break material and provide excellent moisture and vapor barrier performance, officials say, while delivering exceptionally low conductivity as compared to other warm edge bonding solutions.

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