A Cleaner Caulk Gun

If your door and window installers are tired of cleaning up messy and wasteful drips, a new line of caulking and sausage guns from Irion-America promises to clean things up. The new eXcePt series features an adjustable drip control technology that can be activated and deactivated by a switch on the handle, even while laying a bead. The series also includes a rubber-coated handle and trigger, and an anti-rust and scratch-proof barrel, as well as a built-in tip cutter (though that’s not unusual).

In hands-on tests, [DWM]’s editors found that the eXcePt caulk gun delivers on its promise for mess-free operation. Even with the thinnest (all-purpose acrylic latex) caulks, there’s no need to turn the plunger rod on this gun to avoid a mess; with its dripless function activated, it stops without overrunning and rests without the slightest drip (unlike the other, standard caulk guns we tested alongside with the same sealants).

Comfortable Transport

Officials for Smith Case Inc. say their engineers are always looking for ways of making life easier for customers’ sales teams—including soft-sided cases designed to be carried with ease and comfort.

Easy Comfort is a fully enclosed, soft-sided window case that features a durable outer shell and an inner shell that’s designed to protect products. An added shoulder strap makes the bag more comfortable to carry to and from appointments.

Bags and cases are available for a wide range of fenestration-related products, including not only windows, but doors, siding, roofing, hardware and more.

More Up-to-Date Data

Introduced as a means for configuring interior and exterior doors and windows with no bill of materials, WoodWare’s Var-IFrame application now has 26 variables that can be formula driven to handle manufacturing practically any product. Info for doors and windows includes cut lists, inventory control, costs and pricing.

Meanwhile, the company’s AnalyticsXT application includes what officials describe as embedded business intelligence.

While some business intelligence systems rely on an external data warehouses, sometimes resulting in out-of-date data, with DeepSee, data is an integral part of WoodWare’s database system, which is updated and synchronized with transaction processing data, allowing for real-time views of a company’s data for identifying trends, finding and correcting inefficiencies, and spotting opportunities for savings.

New Weatherstrip Options

VantagePoint Industries LLC imports and distributes hinge, bifold product and weatherstrip to door and window companies. Its newest weatherstrip is certified by both AAMA & UL, and the company says it can develop a wide range of profiles to cover all your needs.

Push-Button Screening

For companies looking to increase automaton, while cutting back on the time and labor required for screening, Spadix Technologies offers Meridian—a fully automated, four-sided screening solution. In order to operate, the system operator places a frame on the table top, draws across the screening material and with the press of a button frames are automatically sized and screened. Spline is automatically inserted and trimmed in a single operation.

Meridian holds up to four rolls of screen and accommodates screens frames from 12- by 14-inches in size to 36- by 80-inches. Size detection and clamping is automatic.

Color Visualizer

Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood Coatings division recently launched a new online tool that allows homeowners to preview exterior upgrades and alterations. In addition to sample images, the Color Express Visualizer Program includes an “upload your own” function to allow users to see doors and windows blended with the company’s colors.

“This customizable tool gives building product manufacturers the ability to make the decision-making process easier for the consumer,” says Doug Krusenklaus, industry director for Sherwin-Williams.

Manufacturers can add individual branding to the program, aligning it with that of their own websites.

Shaker Style Steel

While flat-panel, shaker style doors have long been a mainstay among cabinet and interior doors, Taylor Entrance Systems is bringing the style to steel entry doors. The one-, two- and three-panel designs are made from 22-gauge, smooth steel with a full steel-edge perimeter and a polyurethane core. They’re fire rated up to 90 minutes, include a baked-on polyester primer and include a lifetime limited warranty.

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