If you ventured out to GlassBuild America in 2018, then chances are you noticed it was a year of innovation. As door and window companies faced the juxtaposition of increased demands and labor shortages, automation poured its way onto the show floor and into the industry. It was also a year of in-between progress, however, as many of the products and technologies that [DWM]’s editors previewed were still in their prototypical phases. At this year’s show, many of those same products will return, ready for market.

This year, the event is being held September 17-19 in Atlanta, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Onsite registration opens Sunday, September 15, at 1 p.m.

If you’re at the show, stop by to see us in booth 2810, where we’re promoting our latest innovation: the all new, completely redesigned and updated [DWM] magazine.


Booth 2517 – Quanex Building Products

Quanex is celebrating two occasions at this year’s GlassBuild—the 30-year anniversary of Super Spacer and 50 years of Mikron AW-Rated System C3-11300 vinyl. Company officials say they have another occasion to celebrate: a new service platform. Officials are mum about the details, merely suggesting that the company, “will reveal its new service platform designed to further enhance its commitment to customers and employees.”


Booth 1809 – Roto North America

Last year, it was mammoth sized doors that took the scene by storm, but windows, too, have grown. Following the trend for taller, wider and heavier casement windows, Roto is debuting the X-Drive Heavy Duty Casement Hardware System.

The new operator, operator track and hinges are designed to function in unison, supporting casement windows with up to 40- by 90-inch sashes and up to 200 lbs.

The X-Drive Heavy Duty Operator is available in both OP06 and OP08 platforms, with 15.2-inch long arms— 3 inches longer than the standard dual arm operator, officials say.

Booth 512 – Anthony Innovations

At last year’s show, Anthony Innovations gave attendees a chance to try out its new TraXtar Duo two-wheel roller system for large doors. The product boasts a weight capacity of 250 lbs., supporting up to 500-lb. doors. This year the company is back with an even stronger option—the 8000Series roller, which has been tested at 10,000 cycles for up to 700 lb. doors.

Like TraXtar, the 8000 Series also features CNC-engineered wheels and precision bearing components to get even the biggest doors moving at the touch of a hand.

Booth 1625 – AmesburyTruth

AmesburyTruth will give folks a chance to try out its Precept Touch actuator—an innovative product that allows electronic locking and unlocking of sliding doors with the touch of a button and the ability to check status via a related app and internet connection.

Officials say the product interfaces with Nexus two-point locks to provide reliable performance against forced entry and features a contemporary style that’s designed to match the company’s 40.84 series flush mount products.

Precept Touch allows homeowners to self-monitor doors, identifying whether they’re open or closed, locked or unlocked, via a smartphone app and a Bluetooth connection, or by using the Precept Gateway, which ties it to the internet. A MyPrecept.com website is designed to offer access to a web-based app and customer support information, also allowing for the sharing of e-keys, and the ability to check status, history, and other features.

Booth 2825 – Vision Industries Inc.

One of the challenges involved with WOCD hardware includes making it accessible, yet also easy on the eyes. Vision Hardware will display a WOCD system that’s integrated into a window’s tilt hardware, tucking all of its inner workings into the sash.

Windows equipped with the Vision Auto-Lock Tilt-Latch System do not require standard locks and keepers, thereby reducing process time and labor for window makers, officials say.

The sash locking mechanism, as well as WOCD and venting functionality, are all built into the tilt latch and concealed in the jamb. The system can be used in vinyl, composite, aluminum or wood windows and is compatible with block and tackle or constant force balance systems.

Doors and Windows

Booth 2311 – P.H. Tech

For door and window companies looking to tap into the eco-friendly market, officials for P.H. Tech say they’re offering the “first sustainable patio door in North America.” The Celesta multitrack door has stacked panels that slide and stack within the door frame, offering a larger opening than classic patio doors. A triple roller track allows panels to overlap.

The product is offered as components or assembled, and is available in three- and six-panel configurations, each with multiple finishes.

In the months ahead, officials plan to revamp the Assembled Patio Door Program, including more standard dimensions and configurations, along with other value-added services.

Booth 2005 – Chelsea Building Products

Representatives of Chelsea will showcase current systems at this year’s show with upgraded enhancements, such as lamination and coating options. The company also aims to snag some attention for its new Inoview window platform.

Designed to provide optimal thermal and structural performance in double- and single-hung configurations, Inoview’s aesthetics aim for a clean, low-profile, classic appearance. Interior and exterior lamination options allow for further customization.

Booth 1609 – Deceuninck

Deceuninck added a new French Door option to its Revolution XL series that the company will show off at this year’s show. As with the rest of the Revolution XL lineup, the new French door is designed to provide high-performance thermal capabilities and resistance to water infiltration, officials say. Meanwhile, the system is fabricated using a 3-1/4-inch frame design with an integral nail fin and a built-in groove that’s compatible with a range of installation accessories, making it well suited for North American commercial and residential markets.

A variety of colors and finishes are designed to provide a similar appearance to aluminum with better thermal performance.


Booth 1935 – GED Integrated Solutions

While GED looks to draw attention to its new, completely automated robotic pass through system, the company’s booth is themed Get Connected, touting the concept of interconnected manufacturing. Officials say they look to further promote Wintrax, a system that debuted at last year’s show, offering to track window assemblies via RFID tagging. This year, RoboFlow PT aims to be the highlight.

Booth 2925 – FeneTech Inc.

FeneTech will show off the latest iterations of its software, including the newest release of FeneVision Ultimate, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. The program now includes web- and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic/batch glass cutting optimization and much more.

The company also will show off its latest initiative: FENml (Fenestration Manufacturing Language). FENml is a new form of communication that allows fenestration stakeholders of various brands and types to “speak” the same language, company information suggests, combining data from users’ ERP systems with machinery on the shop floor.

Booth 725 – Veka Inc.

Don’t be fooled when you walk into Veka’s booth this year to find a company of a different name floating around. In the months prior to this year’s show, Veka unveiled Digital Product Solutions Corp., a stand-alone business through which it’s offering a proprietary system of near field communication-based (NFC) technologies for product labeling and identification.

WIN (short for window intelligence) utilizes smartphones to detect the company’s NFC labels, creating what officials are calling a cloud-based, “digital double” for products. Door and window companies—and even homeowners—can utilize the technology for storing and connecting product information, including full specifications for component and glass replacement.

Meanwhile, a web-based program called web cockpit interacts with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, tracking doors and windows throughout their complete life cycle.

Tools and Equipment

Several machinery and tool manufacturers plan to offer opportunities for making life easier on manufacturers. EDTM showed up to last year’s show with low-E coating detectors the size of a credit card, snagging a lot of attention. Erdman showed off an unmanned robotic work-cell for producing insulating glass units that also showcased some of the latest high-speed sealants.

Booth 1257 – Wakefield Equipment

With labor shortages persisting, officials for Wakefield look to show off its latest K-51DV Flipping Table and Conveyor. The unit is designed to allow one person to do what previously took two: handle large doors and windows, or special application products. Meanwhile, ergonomic features
help to ensure a safer and more productive work environment.


Booth 1950 – Combilift

If you’re at the show looking for safe, space-saving alternatives for handling long products and materials, officials for Combilift say they’ll have the company’s side-loaders and four-directional forklifts on hand.

With capacities ranging from 3,200 to 180,000 lbs. and a variety of customized attachments available, the company’s equipment is designed for safe handling, including an integrated platform with low center of gravity for a stable base and a unique four-way steering system that allows units to travel sideways with long loads.

Lifts maneuver easily through doorways that are narrower than carry loads, officials say, and feature a minimum number of sensitive electronic parts to ensure robust and long-life operation.

Booth 2535 – Erdman Automation Corp.

Erdman grabbed a lot of attention at last year’s show with its Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell. The unit produces large insulating glass units (up to 5-foot by 12-foot in size) with no direct labor, while also reducing necessary floor space by roughly one half, compared to other manufacturing methods and equipment.

The target cycle time for Erdman’s line is one unit per minute with no gas fill and every 90 seconds with gas. Meanwhile, unlike manned units, a robotic work cell can be operated around the clock, officials point out, producing up to 1,440 units per 24-hour cycle. Robotic lifting and handling also helps to increase workplace safety.

Booth 3406 – Grove Shims

You can never have too many options in the shims department. This year, Grove Shims will give professionals a chance to get their hands on its Snap Apart Wedges, which provides two shims in one.

Constructed of rugged, injection-molded, high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) officials say these solid shims are designed to hold up in a wide variety of applications, including things as tough as masonry and precast concrete (for comparison). The product was created in response to the need for timely delivery, consistent quality and firm pricing—something that company officials say its distributors had a hard time pinning down from overseas suppliers.

The new shim works the same as the company’s small wedge, only they’re tapered in the middle, allowing them to snap apart and serve as two wedges.

Booth 3627 – EDTM

While some may know “The Edge” as a famous guitarist from the rock band U2, EDTM has also coined the name for one of its latest devices. The EDGE Low-E Coating Detector is designed to offer an inexpensive option for window manufacturers to use when it’s necessary to determine whether or not low-E coatings are present.

The instrument is designed to be rugged enough for the shop floor, while offering two primary uses: testing single-pane glass to ensure that a low-E coating is present on the top surface, and for testing to see if glass was properly edge deleted.

Booth 3659 – Winpro

Winpro introduced a newly-redesigned version of its Screen Express. By automatically inserting spline into the grooves of door and window screens, the unit helps to eliminate labor-intensive processes. Up to 38-inch by 80-inch screens can be produced in cycle times of just 30 seconds.

The unit features numerous enhancements over previous models, including z-axis positioning with handwheels.

Booth 523 – Fux

Fux will be on hand to promote its profile wrapping, bending and lamination equipment. Chief among this year’s offerings is the latest generation of its 83-PLM-327, a profile wrapping line with an external pre-melter for adhesives and a laminate slitter.

The 83-PLM-327 profile wrapping line is equipped with an integrated humidifier and with the patented Fux Quick Lock, Quick Change and Quick Guidance systems, officials say it’s designed to reduce setup times to a bare minimum. The machine also has a quick width adjustment that extends
through the machine bed of the lamination zone.


Booth 523 – Continental

Continental has added options to its skai line-up of films. As what officials suggest is the “darkest black currently available on the market,” Jet Black was the star of its booth. The finish, made possible by a technology referred to as cool colors PLUS, will be back. This year, the company will display three new colors, including Anthracite gray.

Booth 402 – Trojan

Architectural Coaters Trojan will be at the show to promote its powder coating services, including techniques and faux finishes, liquid Kynar finishes and lamination. The company has added a secondary line, accommodating parts up to 14 inches wide by 48 inches long and 24 inches in depth. The system includes six stationary automatic spray guns, two manual guns, HDLV transfer pumps and an Encore Feed Center for fast color changes.

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