Customer Behaviors

41%: Browse businesses online prior to making in-store purchase

+$620 The additional amount visitors to retail websites spend (over just store visits)

Customer Satisfaction Among Visitors (out of a 1,000 point scale)

821 to retail websites

869 to social networking sites

843 to image and video sharing sites

Home Improvement Product Sales (billions)

$400: 2018

$420: 2019 (Projected)

Fielded between January and February 2019; responses were gathered from 2,433 customers who purchased home-improvement-related items from a home improvement retailer over the previous 12-month period

Source: J.D. Power Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study 2019

“Online retailers do introduce new competition, but when traditional retailers get their online/offline formula right, they are able to really differentiate by offering a level of personalized knowledge and expertise that cannot be replicated in an online-only environment.”

—Christina Cooley, J.D. Power home intelligence

Business Challenges for Manufacturers

1 in 4 have turned away business due to workforce shortages

77% Said nation’s infrastructure is not up to standard and threatens their competitiveness

Source: National Association of Manufacturers Quarterly Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey

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