Add Harry G. Barr Company of Fort Smith, Ark., to the list of door and window manufacturers embarking on expansions. The company is beginning a three-stage process as part of a planned $10 million expansion of its office and manufacturing space that will likely result in 100 more jobs. Founded in 1934, the manufacturer is operating at capacity as the residential housing market continues its growth, officials reported. The company sells its products in 12 states, branded as WeatherBarr Windows and Doors.

“Similar to other companies in our category, demand has outstripped supply primarily due to the housing market,” said president Michael Barr. “This expansion primes WeatherBarr to handle the increased sales demand, but also positions us to accommodate future needs and lead with advanced manufacturing ability and our consistently high level of quality.”

The first phase of the expansion is expected to begin later this year, including a parking lot and entrance/exit that is more convenient and safer for employees, officials said. The second phase will include office space, a new employee breakroom, additional space for production capacity, and an 18,000-square-foot room for outbound distribution. The third phase will include 50,000 square feet of space for raw material storage. The timing of construction on the third phase and its use could change depending on the pace of demand for doors and windows, Barr added.

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