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If you’ve followed DWM’s product sections and trade show coverage in recent months, then you know that there’s been no shortage of new introductions. From oversized doors and darker colored windows, to more automated and robotic machinery, our editors asked: What do these developments mean for the industry and its customers? By rounding up and evaluating the latest products alongside industry news and developments, DWM’s findings indicate that manufacturers aren’t turning a blind eye to what’s happening in the field. Instead, they’re tackling the latest trends head-on, with:

Wider Varieties of Modern and European-Styled Colors

ODL Inc.

In a move that officials say is designed to match “on-trend styles,” ODL introduced new colors to its grilles between glass (GBG) line up. The company’s new black finish is designed to give doors the same industrial look found in urban, loft-style apartments. In two-tone bronze and white, the company’s GBG products are designed to match the modern farmhouse movement.


At this year’s International Builders’ Show, interior door manufacturers went against the “darker colors for exterior products” trend by introducing bright finishes. Hardware manufacturer Inox followed suit recently by adding a new, brightly colored Rainbeaux palette to its line of Ceramax ceramic coatings. Available as an upgrade to all of the company’s door hardware, the series includes 12 new, eye-catching colors.

RSL Inc.

As the color slate finds its day among window sashes, officials for RSL say their company is first to add it  as an option among injection-molded frames for door glass. The company also recently announced that, in addition to its Willow series, the Wisteria series is now available in Silver Wrought Iron.


In addition to a classically styled Turner Oak Malt finish, Continental’s new skai Woodec series of films includes two distinctly modern looks.

The company’s Sheffield Oak Alpine and Sheffield Oak Concrete offer limed oak decors in white and grey, with deep embossing and matte finishes that are designed to precisely match the looks of natural wood.

Thinner, Narrower Components That Get Out of the Way

Weather Shield Windows and Doors

After latching onto a concept the company dubs “the shared space movement,” Weather Shield came to market with its next-generation Contemporary Collection of sliding patio and bi-fold doors and an upgraded version of bi-folds for its Premium Series—both with large panels. An advanced low-profile (1-¼-inch) sill that integrates with finished flooring provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Chelsea Building Products

The 9430 new construction window by Chelsea includes a sleek, angled cladding cover and a low-profile frame and sash to maximize glass and viewing area. Meanwhile, a true sloped-sill design affords design pressure (DP) 50 ratings with no weep system required.

Wizard Screen Solutions

As today’s sliding doors and folding wall systems work to open up large expanses, Wizard Screen Solution’s Horizon Retractable Screens are designed to keep the look of those spaces open, while adding protection from insects. Eleven-foot-tall panels are available in up to 20-foot-wide single sizes and double sizes of up 40 feet wide.

An auto-stop feature allows for unlimited stopping points by simply releasing the handle. Screens are available in white, black and bronze.

With builders facing issues of affordability, labor shortages and the need for versatility among products, door and window manufacturers have met those needs with:

More Flexible Options

United Window and Door

With DP ratings of 50, heavy duty 3-¼-inch frames and narrow site lines, officials say the United 3800 Flat Frame and 3900 Brickmould series are designed to provide contractors with versatile options that can be applied to just about any project. A 6000 Series offers contemporary hardware and versions for new construction and replacement.


While some products are suited only to residential or commercial applications, Fenzi North America’s latest sealant, Sealver AR, tackles both. Officials say the two-part silicone offers insulating glass manufacturers superior durability in a product that’s easily applied and solvent-free.


Debuted in 2018, Veka’s new Corsair gliding patio door system is designed to be customized for new construction and replacement. The system also provides for flexible sizing through two-, three- and four-panel configurations and heights of up to eight feet.

With 1-¼-inch insulating glass capacity, a DP50 class rating and impact capability, the product is suited for a wide range of applications. Meanwhile, the company’s optional FeneXseal technology ensures proper installation, while defending against water penetration.

Bavarian Polymers

With the option for an integral J-channel or fin-only design, varying setbacks for nailing fins and frames that can be provided with or without interior and exterior grooves, Bavarian Polymers’ Series 8000 windows are designed around customization. Adding to that flexibility, four-foot by six-foot units offer DP50 ratings and drywall pass-thru units are available.

Quaker Windows and Doors

Quaker officials suggest the company’s newly patented OptiCore technology is “changing the face of architectural window design.” Integrated into a
new line of commercial and residential windows, the technology allows aluminum-framed and windows clad with natural wood, aluminum or two-tone aluminum interiors to achieve U-values ranging from 0.24 to 0.14.

American Renolit Corp.

From modern farmhouse to city lofts, some of the latest styles blend the looks of old and new architecture. Officials for American Renolit say its
latest interior woodgrain films can be connected to both.

Seasoned Oak film is described as “rustic modern,” while its Elegant Cherry “complements decors ranging from rustic to grey-tones,” officials say. Both films feature the company’s scratch-resistant, ultraviolet-cured coatings.

Easier Installation


In February, Inox previewed a new Surface Mount Barn Door Lock that, according to company officials, only takes 15 minutes to install.“Builders were telling us that some barn door locks can take over an hour to install, which impacts their bottom line on a project,” says Jeff Howes, the company’s president. “So we set out to create a locking solution that uses fewer trade-specific tools to decrease the overall install time.”

Endura Products

Endura’s new FrameSaver Fusionframe product offers improvements not only to ease installation, but for added flexibility. In addition to working with any door system,company officials say installers appreciate the product’s removable jamb stop cover and adjustable brickmould, and it even includes a built-in level. “Rippable” jamb widths, and a full portfolio of jambs, brickmoulds and mull profiles provide added flexibility, while a rigid wood core is capable of supporting side-lite and hinged patio door systems. The system allows for concealed fasteners and comes prefinished.


While the Multi-Panel Gliding Patio Door can be ordered in two-, three- and four-panel configurations spanning up to 16 feet in length, Boral’s engineers had the foresight to give it a knocked-down frame system that allows for easy transport and on-site assembly. “Contractors can provide the look and outdoor lifestyles homeowners crave without installation hassles or concern about callbacks,” says the company’s president, David Becker.


New Snap-Fit Frames from Masonite come in a two-piece design that does not require any screws, tools or finishing. The product’s style is designed to complement both modern and transitional homes, officials say, with straight-grain textures (similar to Fir) that are paint or stain ready.

More Budget-Friendly Options For Cost-Conscious Users

Ply Gem

The 4712 HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone) Builder series by Ply Gem is tested and compliant with Miami Dade county hurricane codes, but the product is also designed to go easy on contractors’ budgets. It’s manufactured from extruded aluminum and includes options for laminated glass or non-impact configurations.

Western Window Systems

The latest multi-slide door systems might be all the rage among homebuyers these days, but they don’t always fit within the budgets of production-style builders. Officials for Western Window Systems say the company’s Series 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door is an economical solution that also requires little time or labor. Designed to fit into most standard two-by-six framed openings, the three-panel setup requires no additional framing, while two nail fin set-back options are offered standard to help ease installation.

More Between-the-Glass options

ODL Inc.

With new raise, lower and tilt operators, for its Blink Blinds + Glass  collection, officials for ODL say homeowners can now extend and contract the company’s blinds-between-glass the entire length of a window, while tilting a full 180 degrees. The company’s blinds come housed in clear, single- or double-low-E insulating glass panels, with options for a low-maintenance exterior coating that helps glass to stay clean.

In March, the company also introduced a new Enclosed Blinds Color Collection, with four new colors: Espresso, Sand, Slate Gray and Silver Moon.

Andersen Corp.

Starting in mid-April, Andersen Corp. began offering expanded options for the blinds-between-glass on its 400 Series Frenchwood patio door series.
Hinged- and gliding-style products are now available with white BBG on Sandtone, Terratone, Forest Green and white exterior doors. Sold initially
through Home Depot, officials say the product will be rolled out to Andersen authorized dealers in July 2019.

Oversized Doors

Starting sometime around 2010, architects said they began witnessing an increased interest in oversized entry doors. Over the next five years, manufacturers such as Jeld-Wen, Kolbe, Masonite, Pella, ProVia, Simpson, Stanley, ThermaTru and TruStile responded by increasing production of 7- and 8-foot options. By 2015, entry doors as large as 12 feet high and six feet wide were clocking in at nearly twice their regular sizes. In 2019, the movement toward even bigger doors marches on.

Weather Shield

In February, Weather Shield announced that it expanded the maximum available panel size for its new Contemporary Collection Sliding Patio Door to five feet wide and 10 feet tall. Panel and direct-set combinations now range up to 96 square feet in size.

Simpson Door Company

Aptly named Monster Doors, Simpson has extended the size of its wood doors to new dimensions—up to 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Monster Doors are available for interior and exterior applications, and can be installed using barn door or pivot mounts. “It seems that each time we set a parameter for how big a door can be, a customer challenges us to go beyond,” says Brad Loveless, marketing and product development manager.

Sierra Pacific Windows

At this year’s Builders’ Show, Sierra Pacific showed how easily even the biggest doors can swing, via the company’s pivot door configuration. Designed for doors up to six feet wide and 10 feet tall, the company’s pivot hardware shifts weight away from wall-mounted hinges and stud jacks to the floor, in a cantilever fashion that helps them to pivot with ease. In a hands-on test, we moved a several-hundred-pound door with just one finger.


Glenview Doors

Officials for Glenview report that the company’s new 3-½-inch-thick Double Rabbetted Door Slab can be built up to four feet wide in solid-flush construction and beyond five feet in stile-and-rail configurations.

Anthony Innovations

In order to keep the biggest doors moving smoothly and easily, Anthony Innovations rolled out (pun intended) its 8000 Series hardware. A pair of
8000 Series rollers can move panels of up to 700 lbs. in weight. That’s a 250 lb. increase over the company’s existing 7000 Series rollers.

FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc.

As door panels reach mammoth proportions, lift and slide functions can become a workout. FPL’s Lift and Slide counterbalance is designed to make
lifting and lowering door panels an ease—up to 1,600 lbs.

The feature is available on the company’s standard lift and slide gear and its Corner Lift and Slide system, with no additional milling required.

For manufacturers, products have surfaced to:

Help Ensure Quality and Performance


The new HC-1000 Head Compensator unit on Haeco’s AutoGlaze 4200 makes dealing with bowed and out-of-square frames an automatic procedure. The unit features auto clamping and fluid hose handling, while allowing for precise adjustment of sealant volumes in corners.

Laurentide Paint

After experiencing a wet summer in 2018, in January Laurentide introduced a new, optimized version of its Uraqua coatings for doors and windows. Company officials say the new formula achieves ideal adhesion on all substrates, in everything from very high to very low humidity levels,
regardless of season.

LiteSentry Corp.

TemperQC, the latest patented design from LiteSentry, integrates third-party components with the company’s own equipment, to provide complete tempering quality control in one complete system. From initial load validation and automated recipe selection, to final inspection of distortion, anisotropy and scratch detection, the system delivers full factory automation, while allowing for full control over processes.


Designed for tempering, laminating or insulating lines, officials for Billco say its new Foundation Series washer is designed to providing fabricators with dependable and consistently high-quality results. The simple, but heavy-duty washer is offered in both 60- and 96-inch conveyor widths and features a helical gear drive system, quick-change bearing blocks, and integrated and directed self-cleaning trays, as well as a preventative maintenance program to ease maintenance.


While most sealed insulating glass units (IGUs) are subject to climatic loads and surrounding air pressures, with no means for compensating, those equipped with Swisspacer Air are able to adapt. With Swisspacer Air, the internal airspace on IGUs equalizes to prevent glass deformation and breakage. The component is designed to screw quickly and easily into the company’s spacer bar system.

Boost Speed, Productivity and Automation


As the first fully automated, robotic, gas fill, close and seal system, RoboSeal finishes the assembly process of both double- and triple-pane Intercept
IGUs. At a rate of six units per minute and three units per minute in triple-pane, the system handles up to 6 mm-thick glass and units of up to 72-
by 100-inches.

Erdman Automation

By incorporating robotics for unloading its Dura and Super Spacer High Speed IG Line, company officials say manufacturers can eliminate at least
one line operator, while producing 1,000 units per shift. The robotic system is also available for flexible foam lines.

Wakefield Equipment

Officials for Wakefield say its latest offering is designed to make a two-person operation easily accomplished by a single worker. The K-51DV Flipping Table and Conveyor allows one person to handle large windows, doors or products for special application. Meanwhile, the unit’s ergonomic features are designed to make work safer and more productive.


As high-speed automation cuts back on labor, sealants have to keep up. Edgetherm 3600 is a hot-melt butyl sealant for IGUs that’s suited to high-speed applications. Via a new technology dubbed i-Boost, the product features no cure time and what company officials say is the shortest skinning time on the market. The end result, they say, includes 30% faster application times and 25% faster structuring than comparable sealants.

Simplify Training and Job Performance


To eliminate labor-intensive, manual processes from application, Winpro Screen Express automatically inserts spline into the grooves
on door and window screens. With minimal operator training, the unit handles screen assemblies up to 38-by 80-inches in size, while producing
cycle times of just 30 seconds.


Through a new, enhanced solution called Smart Stations, OpenJanela’s manufacturing software is designed to reduce training needs and
costs, by providing explicit, easy-to-read instructions right where workers need them. Smart Stations placed alongside the assembly line deliver
the specific information workers need to perform their functions, with no more and no less information than absolutely necessary, officials suggest.

RSL Inc.

Anyone who’s ever painted a door or two is familiar with “squeeze out.” Ideal Seal, a new frame-to-door and frame-to-glass sealant by RSL, is
designed to eliminate that issue, while making application tidier and easier. Provided as a standard feature on the company’s internal blinds and decorative door glass products, officials say the product reliably adheres to glass, but not to door frames.

Tools Have Gotten Smaller


New, credit-card-sized low-E coating detectors from EDTM are not only small enough to fit in a front pocket or alongside the other cards in your wallet, but they’ve also become a valuable marketing proposition with the addition of company logos and branding (when purchasing 100 or more units). The AE2200 Low-E Card is a disposable offering that performs up to one thousand tests to identify the presence of low-E coatings on single lites of glass, while the AE2250 Low-E Card+ includes a replaceable battery and adds the capability for differentiating whether coatings are on surface one, surface two or if glass is uncoated.

And More Hybrid Aesthetics


With four frame sizes, ranging from 3-¼- to 6-9/16-inches in depth, and the ability to accommodate 7/8-inch double-pane or 1-¼-inch triple-pane insulating glass, officials say Energi’s Performance Series of windows are designed to provide both maximum performance and flexibility. Meanwhile, colonial and contemporary panel styles and hybrid, aluminum-PVC combinations provide a wider range of aesthetic options.

G-M Wood Products

To maximize long-term performance and design flexibility, G-M Wood Products’ latest Dura-Tech FX pre-finished door frame components include a rot-resistant substrate, layered with a durable, solar heat-resistant film that’s available in four woodgrain and four solid color finishes. To guarantee longevity, the company also provides a lifetime warranty.

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