Labor Presents Harsh Facts

At a recent American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) conference, world recognized speaker and expert on economic trends and globalization, John Manzella,
cast light on issues pertaining to labor shortages and workforce skills.

Manzella started with good news: the fact that the unemployment rate is at 4 percent, but then drilled down on some related challenges. In manufacturing, he said, there will be 2.4 million vacant positions over the next nine years.

Prefab Construction Set to Rise

Amid this year’s International Builders’ Show, Ed Hudson, director of market research for Home Innovation Research Labs, shared information from a 10-year summary of Annual Builder Practices Reports. If the findings prove accurate, more door and window dealers will find themselves selling and shipping to makers of prefab walls and other components in the years ahead.

Conducted in December 2018, 300 homebuilders were asked about their future intentions for using off-site building technologies and components. Among the results, “Many builders are … in process of making the switch from site-built framing to shop-built open wall panels, particularly multifamily builders and high-volume single-family builders,” Hudson said. There is also an interest in closed-wall panels that he said will begin to materialize in the five years ahead.

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