Sika’s new Sikaflex-511 is a low-modulus, textured, on-component sealant that’s designed for high movement and is optimized for use as a perimeter weather seal.

The company’s new hybrid sealant is a “brother” to its Sikaflex 510 AM50, officials say. With plus or minus 50% movement, the product is designed to provide excellent unprimed adhesion to just about every substrate, including vinyl. To back those claims, the company provides a 10-year weather seal warranty. The product’s white appearance will not discolor and can be painted as soon as it skins over (around 40 minutes). While Sikflex 510 AM50 has a smooth finish, Sikaflex 511 features a textured finish to match stucco or mortar, making it an excellent option for any application where stucco or brick is involved. The product is also designed to cure on exposure to atmospheric humidity. The product is supplied through the company’s Vertical Glass Division.

Sikaflex 511 is used as a perimeter seal around doors and windows, officials say, as is Sikaflex 510 AM50. The product can also be used as a perimeter seal between a flashing and the door or window frame.

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