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Renolit: Booth 863

Renolit has released two new colors in its Exofol FX exterior film range — a true black known as Black Smooth 2 and a modern darker gray named Anthracite. Both are available from stock with either the traditional wood tic or the contemporary smooth/stipple emboss finishes.

Exofol FX is acrylic-based with a protective top layer of PVDF. According to the company, the combination of polymers is unique in the industry and has shown to be a long-lasting and durable choice for users to bring color and woodgrain to window and door substrates of PVC, aluminum, wood, composites and more.

Continental: Booth 1363

Continental’s skai introduces Woodec, a new generation of outdoor surfaces that’s the result of a development process which was intended to create a new standard in realism. According to the company, the product is indistinguishable from real wood to the casual observer. The deep embossing, which achieves optimum ratings for durability, and the extreme matte finish contribute to this effect. In addition, skai Woodec is extremely easy to care for and is easy to clean. The new product will initially be presented in three patterns: in addition to the Turner Oak Malt pattern, two modern, whitewashed oak patterns in gray and white will be available.

Doors And Windows

Chelsea Building Products: Booth 1263

Chelsea Building Products will be show-casing current door and window systems as well as its latest window design, Inoview. Chelsea will also be featuring design concepts by its owner, Aluplast, a leading provider of PVC window profiles internationally, including versatile European-style tilt & turn products and a new smart-slide patio door.

Utilizing a collaborative design process, inoview’s design provides a clean, low-pro-file, classic appearance. It’s available with a variety of accessories to produce multiple configurations for the residential, light commercial, remodeling and new-construction markets.


Fenzi: Booth 2741

Hotver A+ is a thermoplastic hot melt sealant by Fenzi North America. It serves as a single barrier for IG units. It’s solvent-free, recyclable and re-workable. Hotver A+ is created to offer strong adhesion and excellent mechanical properties for IG manufacturers. According to the company, it is suitable for both manual and robotic application technologies and can be used for the production of single- or dual-seal panels.

Window Components

Deceuninck: Booth 1051

The same technology that goes into Deceuninck’s Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements is now available for window mullions. According to the company, Rovex Xtreme Fiberglass technology provides an excellent alternative to aluminum mullion reinforcements with its strength and superior thermal performance. The Innergy mullions feature better thermal performance—as much as 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons, the company says.

Lauren Manufacturing: Booth 527

Lauren Manufacturing offers sealing solutions for windows and doors. From custom and standard extrusions to molded corners and frames, the company’s seals and gaskets are used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Lauren’s capabilities include dual- and tridurometer extrusions, continuous corner seals, lamination systems, performance coatings and much more. The company specializes in closed-cell sponge and dense materials such as EPDM, silicone, plastic and Fortrex, an elastomer that is lightweight and offers superior sealing and weatherability.

FrontLine Building Products: Booth 766

FrontLine Building Products will showcase its new Aluminum Surround Grille. This grille uses a double-corner key design and a 13/8-inch depth that screws into new or existing window frames. It’s available in angles and radius shapes. Intermediate grilles screw into the perimeter for further durability, while silicone discs on the back of the grille eliminate rattle and allow for easy spray cleaning. Complementing the Aluminum Surround Grille are FrontLine’s BayShield commercial entry door, aluminum-clad wood windows and simulated divided lites.

Blinds Between Glass

Intigral: Booth 1545

The ScreenLine pleated black-out shades-between- the-glass product line from Intigral offers privacy and solar glare reduction via the popular blinds-between-glass concept. The blinds are made from 100-percent black-out fabric available in white or beige. The company says there are no visible holes, and the “C”-shaped, black spacer bar reduces the light passing through the perimeter.

ODL: Booth 727

ODL, the company behind Blink Blinds + Glass, says it can make the entire ordering process seamless by offering custom sizes, six colors, clear and low-E glass, plus a turnaround time of eight days or less. According to the company, Blink expands the product portfolios of manufacturers and builders so they can offer something new and exciting to homeowners.


Guardian: Booth 627

Guardian ClimaGuard 62/27 coated glass is powered by triple-silver technology to provide low solar heat gain and abundant light. The product insulates the home against fluctuating outdoor temperatures to help homeowners meet Energy Star guidelines.

While transmitting natural daylight to reduce artificial lighting needs, the company says the glass also blocks nearly 30 percent more damaging UV radiation compared to uncoated glass.\\ ́

Patio Doors

C.R. Laurence – U.S. Aluminum: Booth 1227

CRL-U.S. Aluminum has engineered a half-inch low-pro-file threshold for its Series 900 terrace door. The system meets Fair Housing Act accessibility standards, and the company says it virtually eliminates floor-level protrusions to provide unobstructed passage for individuals using a cane, crutch, walker or wheelchair. An optional 10-inch bot-tom door rail is available to further enhance accessibility.

Despite the low-profile threshold, Series 900 terrace doors are AW-PG 80-ATD AAMA-rated, and have been ASTM E331 and E547 water-tested to 12 psf. In addition, double weather-stripping within the doorframe mitigates air infiltration.

Quanex: Booth 1427

The Liniar bi-folding door from HL Plastics, a Quanex Building Products company, is an alternative to traditional French doors or sliding patio doors. According to the company, it creates a point of distinction in any high-end home while delivering ultra-slim sightlines and excellent thermal performance.

P.H. Tech: Booth 1639

P.H. Tech’s new Celestia patio door has stacked panels that slide and stack within the door frame, offering a larger opening than a classic patio door. Celesta is avail-able in a three-panel and six-panel version with multiple finishes. Thanks to the triple roller track, the panels – welded or mechanical – overlap to create an opening that can be up to 24 feet wide.

Veka: Booth 1453

Veka will debut its all-new Corsair gliding patio door system.It’s customizable for new construction or replacement use in two-, three- and four-panel configurations to eight feet high. The Corsair delivers performance with its 11/8-inch IG capacity, a DP50 class rating and impact capability. The Corsair features Veka’s FeneXseal to ensure proper installation and defend against water penetration.


EDTM: Booth 1663

EDTM will introduce two new credit-card-sized low-E coating detectors at GlassBuild. The Low-E CARD and Low-E CARD+ offer low-cost options for identifying low-E coatings on glass in the convenient size of a credit card. These ultra-thin and compact models will identify the presence of low-E coatings on a single piece of glass. The glass can be monolithic or installed in an insulating unit. The AE2200 Low-E CARD is a disposable model that will allow 1,000 tests to be conducted. There are no metal contacts to scratch the glass surface. The AE2250 Low-E CARD+ offers a replaceable battery design that can be used indefinitely. This “+” model will differentiate if the low-E coating is on Surface 1, Surface 2, or indicate if the glass is uncoated.


Anthony Innovations: Booth 1270

Australia’s Anthony Innovations is a door and window hard-ware specialist that designs and manufactures rollers and other products.

QUADZilla is a door and window roller designed around a standard rail profile. With a weight capacity of 1,300 pounds, it offers fabricators the ability to build larger sliding panels while delivering reduced rolling resistance, and smoother and quieter operation with all stainless steel components.

TraXtar is an all-polymer door and window roller that can carry doors of up to 660 pounds. Machined polymer tires and stainless precision bearings give its wheels superior durability and reliability, and its dual layer bogie design ensures distribution of weight to each wheel, adding to the product’s performance.

The company has recently rebranded with a new style, logo and colors, which will be revealed at GlassBuild 2018.

Roto: Booth 837

Roto’s Inowa is a hardware solution to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a sliding patio door. Inowa, which stands for “Impermeable: No Water, No Air,” provides a very high level of thermal performance, according to the company.

The hardware system incorporates a continuous gasket system around the operable sash, along with concealed lock points, even in the mullion area where the two sashes come together.

John Evans’ Sons: Booth 709

John Evans’ Sons Inc. will show off two balance systems. The company’s drop-in balance is available in ½-inch and ¾-inch coil widths with single to triple coil combinations. The sideload constant force system features included sash guide components visible at the top corners of the sash. These guides can now be replaced with sash cams that the company says are out of view and tamper-resistant.

Hoppe: Booth 755

Hoppe North America is introducing a new, contemporary handle for sliding doors. An expansion of the popular Dallas swing door handle, the Dallas sliding door handle provides a carefully refined aesthetic for the contemporary design trend. Finishes include alpine frost (new), matte black and rustic umber.


Lamatek: Booth 1172

Lamatek’s expanding line of Protek packaging provides solutions that protect doors, windows, glass and other components from damage during shipping and handling.New Protek surface protection films guard delicate surfaces from dust, scratches, UV (up to 6 months) and damages during production, installation and shipping, while non-abrasive, crush-proof shipping corners and blocks absorb multiple impacts, energy and vibrations to protect windows from damages.


GED: Booth 2127, 2327

GED Integrated Solutions will dis-play several machinery and robotic products at Glassbuild.

The newest is the WinTrax Intelligent Logistics system, which can track window components and completed windows within residential vinyl window production facilities.

The company will also introduce RoboSeal, which it says is the first fully automated, robotic gas fill, close and seal system in the industry. GED says it’s a consistent, automated fourth-corner sealing process.

Erdman: Booth 1927

The Erdman Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell produces large-size insulating glass units with no direct labor.

The work cell uses three robots — one for loading, one for positional holding of the glass while the flexible spacer is applied and gas is filled, and one for sealing and offloading. The use of three robots not only minimizes labor, but also reduces needed floor space by roughly one half. The target cycle times are one 5-foot-by-12-foot IG unit every minute with no gas fill and every 90 seconds with gas fill. It only needs approximately 20 feet by 75 feet of floor space.

The company says the robotic work cell can produce 480 units in one eight-hour shift. Running around the clock and at 100-percent efficiency, 1,440 units can be produced in only 1,500 square feet, whereas a traditional line would require roughly 3,000 square feet of machinery and 12-18 people

J&S Machine: Booth 1762

J&S Machine will display the 3C-CLOMEA CR131RH profile-bending machine. The CR131RH is an entry-level machine with bend pro-gram storage of up to 199 single-radius or 19 three-radius programs. An operator can recall and reproduce multiple parts with ease and consistency. These machines can also be fitted with attachments to aid in the bending of angle profiles and curved handrails.

Fux: Booth 1363

Fux, an Austrian manufacturer of profile wrapping, bending and lamination equipment, will have one of its profile-wrapping machines on display at GlassBuild.

The company launched a new slot nozzle in 2016, which it says is the most scratch-resistant slot nozzle on the market, combining the advantages of a non-stick surface with a highly scratch-resistant surface into this new generation of slot nozzles.

Billco: Booth 2451

Billco will introduce a new remnant storage solution. The new system identifies, stores and reclaims remnant for maximum cutting yields. It minimizes any idle time by optimizing glass.

The modular, expandable design features sub-plate cutting, dual-ax-is automated remnant breakout and multi-slot storage. Driven by optimization software, the product will improve yields and reduce manual glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance, according to the company.

Witte: Booth 1714

Witte will exhibit its vinyl bending equipment at GlassBuild.

The company says it has manufactured this machinery for more than 30 years. Its booth will feature live demonstrations of its bending systems.


Soft Tech: Booth 953

Soft Tech will unveil the latest version of V6 software, with new features and more functionality in the areas of performance, integration and customer access. It will feature a new navigation bar as well as a visually improved Item Preview, displaying a full overview of a selected item. The new list attributes can be configured to show a visual display of the part you’ve selected from the drop-down menu, as well as a larger pop-up image for an improved user experience.

FeneTech: Booth 1563

FeneTech will present the latest release of its FeneVision ERP soft-ware for door and window manufacturers. This fully integrated software operates on a graphical user interface running on a single database, allowing employees to see—in real time — exactly what is happening on the production floor.

FeneVision provides web and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, an integrated CAD for glass shapes, the dynamic creation of bills of materials, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic or batch glass cutting optimization, lineal optimization, tracking control, and mobile delivery using an iPad.


FlexScreen: Booth 974

FlexScreen’s frame is composed of a continuous, solid-core, spring steel wire that the company says is specifically formed and then welded to outperform and outlast hollow aluminum frames. The high-performance thermoplastic outer layer won’t scratch, fade, chip or peel. FlexScreen’s patented design incorporates no hardware and is so simple to install and remove that it can be done from inside the home. When installed in a window, FlexScreen hides beautifully, allowing more natural light through the glass while protecting the home from insects.


Glasslam: Booth 1763WorldSpacer is a stainless steel-backed, flexible polyurethane spacer system. It’s specifically designed for optimum IGU durability and warm-edge performance. A 2-mil corrugated stainless steel vapor barrier offers adhesion with all insulating glass sealants. These patents-pending spacer systems are constructed as a continuous web of desiccated foam matrix material. They’re razor-cut inline to precise spacer sizes from 5 to 50 mm.

Handling Equipment

Dr. Gold & Goldanco: Booth 1174The Carrymate OXO 160 is the newest addition to the line of Carrymate safety grips for lifting and carrying glass, metal, windows, doors and more.

Carrymate grips are available for two and four users with the T-Grips, and all parts that touch the load are covered with a special coating so that even the most polished materials will not be scratched.

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