Premier Building Solutions Universal Hybrid Sealant

Premier Building Solutions recently introduced its Universal Hybrid Sealant. This silicone alternative provides adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. The low-odor, 100-percent-solids formula is a permanently flexible, paintable sealant.

According to the company, the new hybrid technology combines the best properties of urethanes and silicones. The technology is gaining popularity in the industry due to its environmentally-friendly properties and superior performance. Hybrid sealants can be applied anywhere traditional sealants can be applied and even offer additional application versatility.

Teknor Apex Sarlink

The Sarlink 8100 series can be foamed to a density of 0.20 g/cm3 range, which is comparable to those of urethane foam used in door seals but can be difficult to achieve with standard TPEs. As TPVs, they exhibit lower compressive set than standard TPEs, providing more of the resilience needed to withstand the repeated opening and closing of doors. The new compounds can be foamed using both chemical and physical blowing agents and, unlike urethane foams, are processed in standard equipment for thermoplastics.

In other key differences from urethanes, TPVs do not require a curing step, are recyclable, and do not present concerns about isocyanate monomer, according to the company.


Combilift Combi-OP

Combilift has launched Combi-OP, which the company calls the first purpose-built order picker on the worldwide market for long products.

Previously, customers had to modify traditional order pickers to cope with the specific demands of long loads. The Combi-OP now guarantees much more efficient and non-compromised operation for easy picking of long profiles in, for example, steel service centers.

This man-up truck features a long platform to enable the operator to access long products stored at height. It is fitted with guide rollers to enable it to operate in existing guided narrow aisles of just 1.4 meters—the same width as those needed for Combilift’s GT truck. It enables operators to hand-pick orders for customers easily and safely from the roomy elevated platform, and it has a capacity of 450 kilograms.


Haeco HC-1000

The HC-1000 is the latest innovation on Haeco’s Auto-Glaze 4200 Series glazing table. According to the company, it solves the problem of bowed frames automatically.

With head compensation, the travel path maintains precisely controlled bead positioning on the glazing ledge. It’s available for silicone or hot melt, and it can be retrofitted on existing Model 4200 tables.

Winpro Screen Express SS

Winpro’s expanded model Screen Express, the Screen Express SS, can handle screen assemblies up to 48 inches by 96 inches, enabling manufacturers to incorporate patio screens into the high-production assembly process of the Screen Express.

Additionally, the SS includes a dual-drive design for consistent processing of the larger screen sizes. It eliminates the hourglass effect common with hand-rolling screen.

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