The annual Cost vs. Value report for 2021 came with few surprises this year, showing increased job costs across the board for door and window replacement projects. Despite those increases, costs recouped (calculated based on changes in home sales and existing home values) remain strong, recouping between 61% and 69% for those projects.

Compiled by Remodeling magazine, the report focuses on the value of various home improvement projects by evaluating and ranking their impacts on home resale values nationally and regionally, though the report now includes some data on a city-by-city basis. According to the latest report, job costs for vinyl replacement windows rose by nearly 10% to $19,385. Costs for wood replacement windows rose by 7.7% to $23,219 on average. Steel entry door replacement rose by 10% to $2,082, while fiberglass grand entryways rose by 8.2% to $10,044, on average.

Despite increases across the board for resale values among vinyl and wood windows, and steel entry doors, of on average 4.7%, costs recouped posted single digit gains for those products—with the exception being grand fiberglass entryways, which increased in resale value by a whopping 21.5% compared to last year, now recouping 61%. That’s a 7.6% increase in payout for homeowners investing in fiberglass doors.

Project (Nationally)

Job Cost

Resale Value

Cost Recouped

Window Replacement – Vinyl




Window Replacement – Wood




Entry Door Replacement – Steel




Grand Entrance – Fiberglass




Job costs for the East North Central region registered higher than the national average by less than $100 for most fenestration-related products but are slightly exacerbated by lower resale values. The job cost for vinyl replacement windows, for instance, registers $72 higher than the national average, while resale value is $234 lower.

Results are similar across the Mid-Atlantic region, with the exception of costs recouped for wood replacement windows, which now registers 3% lower than the national average.

The story isn’t as good for job costs across the Pacific region, where prices range to as much as around $1,000 higher than the national average, but sharper increases to resale values make doors and windows a solid choice across the region. Costs recouped for vinyl replacement windows register 7.9% higher in Pacific states than the national average, while wood is 9.4% higher and grand fiberglass entryways recoup 12.4% more in the region.

Job costs for vinyl window replacement in the South Atlantic region managed to beat national averages by just 2%, but costs recouped for the same projects came in 2% lower than the national average.

In the end, the biggest winners were homeowners who paid to have their garage doors replaced—clocking in at an average cost of $3,907, while recouping 94% for those projects.

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