At Viwinco Windows in Morgantown, Pa., the company prides itself in “controlling the source,” and that means processing its own glass, something it has done for years in its plant. But now the company will have a 70,000 square foot glass processing facility. The new building will be located directly across the street from its door and window manufacturing plant, and the company broke ground on the new venture this week.

That will give the company more space in the current location for its door and window manufacturing, according to company president David Barnes. “We are getting all new equipment so once we turn the switches on over there, we can disassemble the systems over here.” Barnes says that existing equipment is 15 years or older.

The new glass facility will contain the industry’s most advanced glass processing equipment including cutting, tempering, laminating, and insulated glass machinery. The innovative equipment runs off highly intelligent software fully integrated with Viwinco’s manufacturing software that was developed in-house. The company says this will allow it to increase capacity and enhance product quality.

Does this include highly automated equipment? Viwinco general manager Michael Duncan Jr., says some of it will allow the company to operate an IG line with less people than now.

“So there are automated processes in that regard,” he says. “The other parts is the machine and the software automates some of the info you have to input. The machines are able to run in a smarter fashion and that reduces user error.”

“This project has been in the planning stages for a while, and it is exciting to see it begin to materialize,” says Barnes. “We began conceptualizing this project nearly three-years ago, as we predicted that our current glass shop would become a manufacturing bottleneck in coming years.”

The new facility is projected to be completed and operational by Q1 of 2022.

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