Officials for Marvin announced today that their company has entered into an agreement that aims to bring dynamic glass to residential doors and windows. Through a new joint partnership with dynamic glass manufacturer Halio Inc., the door and window manufacturer plans to introduce products with electrochromic technologies that enable glass to tint automatically or on command. Halio smart-tinting glass has so far been available only for commercial projects, officials said.

“We are truly committed to well-being at Marvin, focused on providing solutions that support happier and healthier living through maximizing light, air and views in new ways,” said Paul Marvin, CEO. “This partnership is the newest in a series of product introductions designed for emerging ways of living.”

The company has “long anticipated” smart glass solutions for the residential market, Marvin said, adding, “We could not be more excited to partner to bring this advanced technology to architects and building professionals who design for homeowner well-being.” According to company information, the product achieves its darkest shade in three minutes, after which it’s capable of adapting to changes in light in order to block heat and glare.

“We’ve realized a solution that integrates all the necessary attributes to finally go mainstream, and now that we have it, the smart glass market is at a long-awaited inflection point,” said Halio CEO Bruce Sohn. “Marvin is the perfect partner to collaborate with to develop the high-performing products that will introduce residential consumers to the transformational benefits.”

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