Masonite International Corp., has announced the creation of patent-pending technology to integrate power and internet connectivity into residential doors. This innovation marks what the company calls its most significant advance in research and development since the founding of the company nearly a century ago.

Masonite plans to leverage the technology through relationships with Ring and Yale Home. With collaborations such as these, the company expects to explore opportunities for product development to integrate new lifestyle and security functionality into doors that provide additional value and peace of mind for homeowners.

“We believe power and connectivity will create expanded capabilities for homeowners,” said Cory Sorice, Masonite senior vice president and chief innovation officer. “We’re pleased to build relationships with Ring and Yale to transform what people can expect their doors to do, as we continue to innovate and deliver doors that do more.”
“We’re excited to be a part of this innovative step forward in smart home connectivity,” said Jamie Siminoff, founder and chief inventor at Ring. “The seamless integration of our Ring Video Doorbell technology and the Yale smart lock into the Masonite door is an example of how we can add technology in smart ways to make customers’ homes work harder for them.”

“For most people, security and peace of mind start at the front door. We’ve seen this firsthand at Yale for the last 180 years,” said Jason Williams, president of smart residential group U.S., ASSA ABLOY. “As smart security rapidly evolves, it’s a logical next step for doors to become directly integrated with the technology themselves. With Masonite and Ring, we look forward to driving this innovation and helping bring about a new era of home security.”

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