Lance Hall retired after more than 39 years with Roto Frank of America.

Three employees of Roto Frank of America celebrated milestones with the company. First, was Lance Hall, who retired after more than 39 years. Hall started at Roto in 1982 in Chester, Conn., and worked his way up to maintenance supervisor before he retired. Known for being quiet, knowledgeable about the production machines, and hardworking, he spent countless hours helping maintain and fix Roto’s production machines. He plans to enjoy retirement by spending time with his grandchild and exploring the country on his motorcycle.

Roto Frank of America celebrates Valerie Warren and her 25 years of service to the company.

Two other employees, Valerie Warren and Steve Mauro, both celebrated 25 years.

Warren, Roto’s shipping supervisor, runs and maintains the warehouse along with our team of warehouse and shipping staff. She works to help ship customer orders in-full and with on-time delivery.

Steve Mauro was recognized for his 25 years of work at Roto Frank of America.

Mauro is Roto’s product manager, North American products. He has an extensive wealth of product knowledge and works with the company’s product innovation and customer markets team to ensure quality window hardware is created and produced for customers’ needs.

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