This year has shaped up to be a time of great change—change that is causing upheaval everywhere and is part of a process. During these times, we have great hope in the future of our communities and companies, even though much of what is reported is negative.

Positive optimism is the cure for these negative reports and positive innovation is one of the keys to dealing with change.

Our future is bright and these top ten reminders will help make our optimism real:

  1. This virus is beatable, and great innovators have created an effective vaccine in just months. In times past, it would take years or would be impossible to create a workable vaccine. We have also learned how to cope with the virus in our industry since we are essential and have operated through the worst of times.
  2. The door and window industry is growing dramatically, and products are becoming more useful. Not long ago, minimizing windows and sizes of windows was the goal to reduce energy use. Now many are asking for more doors and windows in their projects. Sizes are increasing along with quantity.
  3. People want doors and windows. The lockdowns have done many things to our view of the world and not the least is that we want to see the view outside. We want more natural light, and we want to open our homes with large innovative doors. This trend is not going away.
  4. People want to live in suburban houses if they are restricted or continue to work from home, and single-family homes have more doors and windows than apartments. This simple math makes the future bright.
  5. “Money people” are interested in our industry more than ever. Since they agree on the optimism in our future, this means more investment and more valuation of our companies.
  6. The machinery that automates our production lines is showing innovation at a rapid rate. The logic and the controls are better than ever, and outputs are increasing. This allows our people to do specific tasks that humans do best, such as innovation and final detail assembly.
  7. We have benefitted from the experience that we can work remotely and productively. This means we can widen our search for new talent and not require them to relocate.
  8. The safety of all of our teams is improving with new training, new techniques and new awareness. This is great news for all of us. The days of dark, dirty and dangerous facilities are behind us.
  9. Our customers have changed to create a more partnership-oriented relationship. They know that aligning with the best door and window manufacturers is more essential.
  10. The entrepreneurial spirit of this country is like no other. The business of America is business. People come from around the world for our opportunities and our innovation. Anyone can start a business with just a dream and a plan.

We are innovators and entrepreneurs. We have one of the most American manufacturing-oriented industries that exists and there is much more business, opportunity and success to come.

Keep innovating!

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