It happens every year on January 1—the sales gauge is reset to zero! Everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions and sets their sights on the year ahead.

After a record-setting year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed at the prospect of beating last year’s sales performance. But we have all been here. Whether we are owners, salespeople, or others, our drive to improve is what separates us in being successful or mediocre.

Over my career, one thing that has always helped me through each year, especially the early parts, is goal setting. Yet, I have found that goal setting is something most people do not take the time to do. Doing it isn’t all that hard but setting the time aside to think of clear and concise goals alludes many of us.

I have always set mini objectives that help me achieve my major goals. These mini goals have a quicker time frame—it might be a day, a week or two weeks. These mini goals are also very easy to measure. If I start missing these smaller marks, I am able to quickly recognize the changes I need to make.

And, as you would think, those mini goals align with my major goals for the month, the quarter and of course the year. In this way, I have found that it is much easier to take “bite sized” chunks out of my goals every day, week and month. This shorter time frame allows me to adjust my performance quickly, which gives me better success in achieving them.

Whether you have personal goals or professional goals, you improve your success rate if you have a plan. These mini goals give you the blueprint for success.

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  1. Great read Ty. Goals and mini goals are like the gears in a transmission that get you from a standstill to cruising on the highway speeding toward your overall objective! Without goals it’s too easy to get sidetracked!

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