Optimas Solutions LLC, a provider of integrated supply chain solutions, including fasteners, recently announced that it has completed a comprehensive refinancing of its debt structure, which it says puts the company in a good position for long term growth. The transaction was completed on December 30, 2020 and provides for enhanced liquidity, a five-year maturity, and significant reductions both in the quantum of debt and the interest expense going forward.

According to Optimas chief financial officer Jim Japczyk, the refinancing will enable Optimas to support its operational growth objectives and to deliver against its manufacturing solutions business strategy announced in August 2020.

“This event is quite transformational for Optimas. We showed strong execution against our strategy at the close of last year and this allows us to build on that,” he said. “This refinancing will improve overall cashflow, providing more resources to expand and grow the business. We fully expect this transaction will result in existing and potential customers entrusting their business with Optimas with greater confidence as well as helping new and potential suppliers to engage more fully as we work to deliver mutually beneficial relationships.”

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