Maybe, like me, you get inundated this time of year with content related to “trends.” As a marketing guy, I pay a lot of attention to these, but probably more so now in our pandemic-obsessed world.

Today, I’d like to take a look at some predicted B2C marketing trends and relate them specifically to what we do as a way to ease back into our extended marketing efforts for 2021.

Following are just a few.

Digital Marketing Takes the Forefront

This makes sense given the additional time folks are spending in front of their computers. Go back and take a look at our posts in 2020. We spent most of the year discussing a robust digital presence. Also, it’s time to double down on consumer-facing social media efforts.

Pro Tip: Work to make all content more educational in nature, rather than “salesy.” It’s more likely to achieve SEO benefits from prospects doing research and will earn more trust from those who do find your content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For many of us, this is a topic we think is for younger folks. However, I’d bet many of you are using AI at least on some level already. Think about the chatbot that appears on your website just as a visitor is attempting to leave. Of course, the intention is to try to get them to set an appointment while they’re there, but it may be time to up our game.

While live chat can be too taxing for the resources of a small business, there are options that are sort of in between. Podium, for example, offers a chat feature based on FAQs. These inquiries can be funneled to the appropriate members of your team who answer them via text. The visitor enters their cell number with the promise that someone will text them back. In addition to a better visitor experience, you’ve captured information allowing you to stay in contact and “guide” their research. In addition, Podium has built in features that empower you to ask for Google and Facebook reviews.

Immersive Experiences

Most people in the market to purchase a new home often don’t feel comfortable with the lack of social distancing that historically goes with viewing alternatives. Realtors have responded by creating 360-degree videos that allow the prospect to experience homes without actually being there. For those of you with showrooms, Rockway Exhibits can design a virtual showroom that you can display right on your website.

Think Local

Of course, you already think that way, right? But there’s so much more to this than you think.

We’ll delve into the local topic over the course of our next couple of visits.

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