“I remember getting that phone call.”

“No one knew what was going on and so there was a lot of fear.”

“The next day, 90 people wanted to walk out of the plant.”

It took mere weeks for COVID-19 to make its mark on the door and window industries, leaving company leaders to pick up the pieces with emergency plans. [DWM] magazine invites you to reflect on those moments through a special webinar: The Door and Window Industry in a Post-Pandemic World.

Scheduled for December 1 at 1:30 p.m. and moderated by [DWM] publisher and editorial director Tara Taffera, watch as a panel discussion peels back the layers for how COVID-19 impacts the manufacturing and dealer segments, as well as what might change about the industry in the days ahead. From managing employee fears, to supply chain issues and beefing up communications, find out how two of the industry’s top leaders managed their way through one of the most challenging periods to date.
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