For customers who like the look of Gerkin Windows and Doors’ Midnight color for exteriors, the company announced that for its Comfort Series offers the same option for interior surfaces. Midnight is made of the same Exofol material used for the company’s exterior finishes, officials say, and won’t fade over time. “Many vinyl window companies use paint or PVC laminate films that easily fade, chalk, crack and scratch,” says T. Evan George, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Gerkin’s Exofol has proven to be a superior choice over those options.”

Exofol is an acrylic-based, printed film that’s applied using an adhesive that forms a solid bond with vinyl when exposed to air. According to the company, the acrylic finish on its films reduces heat by using a solar shield technology and has multi layers that also block ultra-violet (UV) rays while resisting weathering.

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