Fortune 500 magazine ranked the biggest American companies in its June/July 2020 issue, a few of which are related to the door, window and housing industries.

  • Home Depot led the list in the 27th spot, with $110,225 million in earnings and a 1.9% change from 2018.,

  • DOW came in 78th place earning $42,951 million according to the listing; there was not a percentage available from 2018.

  • Dupont found itself in the middle of the pack, at the 152nd place, with $21,512 million earnings, a 75% drop from 2018.

  • Corning finished at 277th place and earned $11,503 million and had a 1.9% change from 2018;

  • And Pulte Group rounded out the industry’s representation on the list, coming in at 309 with $10,213 million, a .2% increase from 2018.

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