Kemper Wall Guardian FW-100A

Kemper’s Wall Guardian FW-100A air barrier assembly exceeds ASTM E2357 (Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage of Air Barrier Assemblies) with an air leakage rate of just 0.0004 cfm/ft2 at 1.57 psf. According to the company, that is 100 times better than the test requirement.

The air barrier also exceeds the standard in a single coat at 40 mils wet film thickness (40 square feet per gallon). This makes it one of the lowest installed-cost air barrier systems in the U.S., according to Kemper.

Lamatek SilverTape

SilverTape, a high-bond acrylic foam tape, provides bonding on glass, metal, wood, vinyl, architectural metals and other substrates. Viscoelastic, double-sided, foamed acrylic tape is an alternative to other high-priced VHB tapes on the market for doors and windows.

According to the company, the product bonds for life and resists outdoor extremes. It handles wind, rain, snow, UV and impacts without rusting or uneven tension like metal fasteners that wear and need to be replaced over time.

Lamatek supplies several varieties of SilverTape in rolls, continuous spools and custom die-cut parts. It’s available in gray, black, white and optically clear.


Gdp | Guhdo CNC Planing Tool

Gdp | Guhdo recently introduced a new CNC surface planing tool that the company says is capable of a paint-quality surface finish in a 40 mm diameter from stock. (It’s also avail-able in 80 mm with a short lead time.)

Equipped with four-sided solid carbide inserts with a corner and edge radius, the Fourcut, the tool features optional polychrystalline diamond inserts for longer tool life. It’s particularly suitable for medium-density fiberboard (MDF) shaker door machining and similar applications. In addition to MDF and solid wood, the cutter can also plane duroplastics and thermoplastics.



MetaShield recently launched its patent-pending MetaShieldGLASS coating. The company says it could significantly increase the impact resistance of both tempered and untempered aluminosilicate glass in independent testing. The results were achieved using a coating thickness of approximately 90 micrometers (.09mm).

In a series of dynamic impact tests performed by Intertek, the MetaShieldGLASS coating increased the sharp impact break resistance of untempered aluminosilicate by 100 percent, and chemically tempered aluminosilicate by 150 percent. The latter is the most commonly used glass in smartphones and tablets worldwide. MetaShield studies determined MetaShieldGLASS is also effective in increasing the break resistance of widely used soda lime glass thicker than 3 mm.

The MetaShieldGLASS coating is being sold to and applied by contract and original equipment manufacturers; it is not currently designed as a consumer product.

The lab test results have implications for several industries. Aluminosilicate glass is used for home/architectural products, skylights, in automobile windows, mobile devices, within medical equipment, glass containers, augment-ed reality and ordinary eye glasses, and even on space shuttles.

Fenzi Aquaglass

Aquaglass is a one-component water-based paint used in interior residential and office decorative glass applications, bathrooms, kitchens and in the furniture industry. Part of the popular Decover paints range by Fenzi, Aquaglass can be used to paint large stock sheets of glass and customized pieces such as kitchen backsplashes and dashboards.

It’s a ready-to-use paint formula with low volatile organic content (VOC). It works smoothly with spray, curtain coater and roller coater applications. Aquaglass is an eco-friendly product with excellent adhesion properties and an optimum UV resistance. As for color formulations, customers can access a free online tool that enables them to achieve any desired color.

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