AAMA Revises, Reissues Consumer-Facing Brochure

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has revised a brochure for consumers that offers tips for maintenance to extend the longevity and performance of doors, window and skylights.

“Caring for Your Windows Doors and Skylights” presents a comprehensive overview of glass care, frame cleaning, hardware and component care, drainage system design, condensation and moisture considerations, finish color retention, and plastic glazing for skylights.

The six-panel, fold-out brochure is intended to help dealers, homeowners, building owners, property managers and all who are responsible for maintaining and cleaning windows, doors and skylights. AAMA also has launched a new web page with information from the brochure. It’s available at

“When customers have questions about how to care for their windows, doors or skylights, AAMA is dedicated to providing helpful answers,” said Kim Flanary, codes and regulatory manager for Milgard Manufacturing Inc. “The advantage of the brochure’s third-party approach is the homeowner or builder can be assured there is no manufacturer bias. AAMA’s consensus-based approach to standards development ensures that all feedback—from manufacturers, suppliers, etc.—is considered in the final document. This lets the home-owner or builder know that we, as manufacturers, will stand behind the information.”

Dealers and manufacturers can personalize the brochure with their logo and contact information to remind customers of these hints.

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