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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and that includes the fenestration industry. DWM takes its annual look at the freshest products currently on the market.


Erdman High Speed Dura

The Erdman High Speed Dura line produces insulating glass units (IGUs) vertically in a fashion that the company says nearly doubles the speed of traditional vertical lines. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qualifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage.Total labor for the High Speed Dura line is 3-4 operators per 1,200 units per shift vs 8-10 operators for 1,000 units on a traditional line.

GED Roboflow

GED’s Roboflow is offered in two versions: frame or sash flow-through systems that coordinate with the company’s 4 Point Welders to GED’s RC-2000 cleaners with the implementation of an integrated robotic handling station. The system follows an integrated computerized schedule or bar code generated scheduling to orchestrate the movements and flow of multi-stack vinyl frames or sashes onto a conveyor to the material handling robot. The material-handling robot and the conveyor work together to orchestrate movements of the vinyl assemblies into and out of the RC-2000 cleaner. The robotic handling station turns the product around to clean all four sides of the product, as well as removes it and places it onto an automatic output conveyor that feeds the assembly or glazing lines. The result is a compact vinyl weld and cleaning system that improves safety, increases quality and throughput, reduces labor and optimizes the efficiency of the operation.

AquaSurTech FlamePro

AquaSurTech’s FlamePro automatic door cleaning machine prepares the surface of doors for coating. The company says it can reduce lengthy and aggressive door cleaning time from 30 minutes down to one minute per door and effectively eliminate any excessive overhead tied to labor and chemical washes. Acceptable substrates include fiberglass doors (smooth/textured), primed and polytex steel doors, PVC and composite material. The cycle time is 30 seconds plus load and unload time.

Doors and Windows

Deceuninck Revolution XL

The Revolution XL door and window system delivers a full suite of products—tilt and turn windows, a tilt and slide door and a terrace door—suitable for the remodeling, replacement and new construction markets. The company says the system offers high thermal, acoustical and hurricane performance as well as compression seal technology, which delivers exceptional resistance to air and water infiltration.

Billco Remnant Storage System

Billco’s new Remnant Storage System identifies, stores and reclaims remnant for maximum cutting yields, eliminating the need for commonly neglected offal storage carts. The system is engineered to minimize idle time by optimizing glass flow as well as reducing manual glass handling, keeping operators at a safe distance. The modular design is expandable to meet growing production needs. The system offers features such as sub-plate cutting, dual axis automated breakout and multi-slot storage.

Wakefield K-29P Stretch Wrapper

Wakefield Equipment’s K-29P vertical stretch wrapper features automatic cycle wrapping and pneumatic stretch moving. It can also operate at variable speeds, accord-ing to the company.

Stürtz Compact Sash Line

The Stürtz turbo sash welding and cleaning line provides high production in a small footprint. With Stürtz’s high-speed TurboWeld technology, the SMI-HSM-20/20-Turbo can run approximately 350 double-stack cycles in a standard shift. Combined with the four-head pass-through sash corner cleaner, the company says fabricators can produce up to 700 welded and cleaned sash per shift with one operator, in under 900 square feet.


Strybuc Bead Sample Ring

Strybuc’s #500-98NEW contains 126 of the most popular vinyl and metal glazing bead samples organized by shape and color approximately 1-½ inches long on a large stainless steel ring with locking screw threads. Take the ring of beads to a jobsite so you can identify broken beads quickly and avoid the clutter of keeping your samples in a bag or box.

Smith Case Low-E Glass Case

Smith Case now carries everything needed to demonstrate the energy efficiency of low-E glass.Kits include a 250-watt red heat lamp, the choice of a radiometer, temp gun or BTU meter and fully edge-wrapped glass samples including single-, double- and triple-glazed non-coated glass, double-glazed with wall insulation, triple-glazed with aluminum foil and double-glazed low-E.


Loewen Timber Curtainwall System

Loewen’s timber curtainwall system combines the interior warmth of wood with environmental performance and expansive views.Curtainwall systems can play a major role in making high-performing building enclosures more energy efficient and resilient. Loewen uses clear Douglas Fir for all pillars and beams, with engineered core glue-laminated lay-ups. Every unit is custom designed and built to order, according to the company. It can be designed as a load-bearing system that can incorporate operable doors and windows. Exterior cladding is available in the company’s palette-matching AAMA 2605 paint or AAMA 611 anodized. Glazing options include monolithic, dual- and triple-glazed options, and are available in standard low-E coating offerings.

CGI SS3500 Storefront Window System

CGI’s SS3500 storefront window system offers design pressures up to +90/-120 to provide security, safety and performance in windborne debris areas. Narrow sightlines increase visibility without compromising structural integrity, according to the company. The external wet-glazed system creates an exterior barrier, reducing the worry of water infiltration. Unlike internally drained systems, water does not have an opening to enter.


Roto Retainer

Roto’s new retainer for top-hung windows features a multi-stage locking function and also allows the window sash to be locked reliably in the selected opening position. This ensures that the sash does not slam shut or swing open in sudden gusts of wind.The retainer is available in three different sizes so that it can be combined with select series of four-bar hinges of various sizes. The Roto retainer can be used on the left and right and must be fitted to the sash in pairs. Sashes up to a maximum size of 900 mm x 2500 mm can be equipped with the retainer.

Anthony Innovations TraXtar

Anthony Innovations’ new TraXtar hardware is capable of maintaining optimum rolling performance under panel weights of up to 660 pounds and comes with AAMA 906-15 product cer-tification. It also fits within low-profile rail envelopes, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing designed system, which the company says both architects and end users are looking for in the market.

Tomma 265 Series Folding Door Hardware

Tomma’s 265 Series features a solid stainless steel shaft press fitted into the top of the pivots and trolleys. This feature gives the system strength for sideload and bending force compared with the traditional threaded versions that are available today. The product also features a patented adjustment method and security screw and has been awarded the “Secure by Design” rating in the UK. It has a load-carrying capacity of 265 pounds per panel and is available in a number of different versions that will fit most track profiles currently in the market today.

Caldwell Omni Drive

Caldwell’s Omni Drive is a modular operating system for project-out and outswing casement windows. It drives both the multi-point lock system and vent in a single operation. The product allows for screen frames up to a half-inch depth to remain in place while operating the window from the inside. This system provides single-handle control.Omni Drive provides a secure clear vent opening and is designed for a minimum vent size of 20 inches with both single drive options for vents up to 40 inches and dual drive options for vents over 40 inches.


Renolit Exofol FX

Renolit recently released two new colors in its Exofol FX exterior film range, a true black color known as Black Smooth 2 and a modern gray called Anthracite. Pigment technology in the past limited how dark a film could be due to heat build-up concerns. Advancements in available pigments in the past few years now allow for very dark colors, including a true black. The formulation is acrylic based with a protective top layer of PVDF. Renolit says this combination of polymers is unique in the industry.The company says the warranty for Exofol FX film has been extended to 20 years.

Door Components

GPI T-Astragals

GPI manufactures tastragals in three types of materials: PVC, aluminum and fiberglass. Each product fits the needs of various markets.The company’s PVC product offers an inexpensive, no-rot, paintable and thermally broken component in many categories. Its aluminum and fiberglass systems come with flip lever shoot bolts for the head and sill. They can be cut down for easy customization. Both offer three levels of air and light barriers: a standard foam weatherstrip and dual wool-pile weatherstrips.

Endura Replacement Deck Sill

Endura says its new replacement deck sill (RDS), can eliminate the costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive task of addressing sill deck damage. Plus, RDS helps quickly identify non-level openings in a matter of minutes.RDS enables replacement of a sill deck without removing the sill or door unit to prevent damage at the jobsite.

Window Components

Duramax WINtek SDL Grid

Duramax Building Products recently introduced the WINtek SDL grid system. It’s designed to save window manufacturers 30 percent or more in labor and materials costs when building a window with a grid. It is a patented product that is new to North America and has been the European market leader for more than ten years.WINtek uses a patented clip system around the IG unit for lining up and attaching the vinyl grid to the glass surface. The clip is taped to the glass, not the grid. This allows for contraction and expansion of the vinyl grid without delamination of tape.

Testing Equipment

Argon Filling Systems Argon Check

Argon Check is a low-cost, handheld and rapid feedback gas fill analyzer from Argon Filling Systems that provides an accurate reading of initial fill percentage. The sample probes provide point-of-fill readings to quickly determine manufacturing accuracies. Real-time reading and small sample size provide a single-reading accuracy that should not require another fill cycle after testing.

EDTM Glass-Chek Elite

EDTM’s Glass-Chek Elite adds the ability to identify laminated glass in a window, and also measures the thickness of the laminate inner-layer. Also new to the design is a graphical display that shows an illustration of the profile of the window, helping the user to better understand the construction. The graphical display shows the window drawn approximately to scale and assigns numbers to each piece of glass in the window, and to each surface of glass, aiding in identifying the low-E coated surface. Another new feature lets the meter store the most recent 28 measurements taken by the user, allowing the user to pull up the measurements after returning to the shop or office.The Glass-Chek Elite has all the abilities of the previous Glass-Chek Pro product as well, including the ability to measure window thickness and iden-tify the presence of low-E coatings.


Glasslam WorldSpacer and EcoSpacer

Glasslam says WorldSpacer is the world’s fi rst stainless-steel-backed, fl exible polyurethane spacer system. It’s specifi cally designed for optimum IGU durability and warm-edge performance. WorldSpacer is designed to hold apart the heaviest glass for commercial IGUs, while being economical for residential IGUs at the same time.


Soft-Lite Barcelona

Soft-Lite Windows’ new Barcelona Series includes double-and sin-gle-hung models with tilt-in sashes, lift-out sliding windows, casement and awning models and picture windows. They’re offered with two levels of protection so consum-ers can select the model that best meets their impact needs. Barcelona “Impact Level D” windows can be installed practically anywhere, even right on the coastline. They have passed ASTM Large Missile Impact Level D tests and have also achieved HVHZ certification. Barcelona “Impact Level C Windows” are ideal for non-coastal areas that are prone to violent weather and require win-dows that keep out wind and water.

Altera Contemporary Series Casement

Altera’s Contemporary Series case-ment window offers STC values up to 40dB, easy installation, and a con-tinuous frame that allows for greater design flexibility.Utilizing multiple locking points and dual weather seals, the win-dow offers U-factors as low as 0.18. Available in a wide variety of solid colors and foil options, it can be used in many commercial and residential building types. www.alterawindowsystems.com


Glenview Doors Offers Variety of Styles

Glenview Doors manufactures a 2 ¾-inch thick solid wood entry that is warranted without an overhang or multi-point lock requirement. All in stock models ship pre hung, pre finished and are ready for installation within 10 business days, according to the company. While stock is a large portion of its offering the company says it can create one of a kind custom doors built to specific designs. The company also offers a wide variety of online and physical sales tools to its dealers including an online portal which gives them the ability to create custom co-branded materials.

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