The Fenzi Group is expanding its headquarters in Milan, Italy, with a new integrated logistics center to optimize efficiency in warehouse management and shipping.

With a surface area of more than 160,000 square feet, the new plant is highly automated and designed to make use of the company’s logistics management techniques, according to the company. It is equipped with structural technologies to digitize the flow of raw materials and shipping, thereby improving traceability while having a positive impact on the overall quality of the company’s products.

“The COVID-19 crisis has not stopped our determination to continue to improve,” says Matteo Padovan, general manager of Fenzi Italia. “Our enthusiasm is intact and we continue to invest in the development of new services to maximize our connection with our clients, becoming even more efficient and continuing the group’s growth process begun almost 80 years ago. At this juncture, it is naturally about making judicious, well thought-out choices to maintain balanced development and renewed optimism in the future. Special thanks go to all of our partners and Fenzi employees whose commitment and passion are clear, allowing us to obtain these results.”

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