The legal battles between Jeld-Wen Inc. (Jeld-Wen) and Steves and Sons Inc. (Steves) is heating up once again. According to court documents, there has been movement in two separate lawsuits between both parties.

According to a notice of withdrawal, Steves announced that it was withdrawing a motion that had accused Jeld-Wen of continuing to impose overcharges even after it was hit with $185 million in trebled damages. This lawsuit was originally filed in 2016.

The door makers settled part of one lawsuit; however, there has been movement in another suit.

According to court documents, both parties advised the Court that they have settled and resolved the issues underlying Steves’s motion for further relief. Court documents state; they may submit their stipulation of dismissal by June 18, 2020.

“Jeld-Wen’s motion to dismiss counts one and two of plaintiff Steves first amended complaint for failure to state a claim is denied as moot,” a portion of the order reads.

The Court order also granted the unopposed motion to refund the $1 million cash bond. According to the order, the money will be refunded to Steves. In April [DWM] reported a judge ruled that the bond amount was sufficient.


The suit, filed by Steves February 14, 2020, alleges that Jeld-Wen persisted in anticompetitive practices even after being found guilty of such actions in a prior ruling. Jeld-Wen has since motioned to dismiss counts one and two in that case, which pertains to antitrust and tortious interference claims, alleging that the latest legal battle between the two companies “is a breach of contract case and nothing more.”

Steves then filed an opposition to motion against Jeld-Wen’s recent argument, maintaining a shortage of doorskins brought on by scheduled rationing has forced the company to turn away new and existing customers. Officials say Steves, “can no longer fill all of their orders for finished doors,” alleging that, “Jeld-Wen has taken advantage of Steves’ presently weakened state to take some of Steves’ customers for itself.”

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