Click Materials (Click) recently announced a development partnership with glass producer, Cardinal Glass Industries, aimed at bringing Click’s smart window solution to the homes of millions across North America. Click developed a patented technology that reduces production costs of electrochromic glass by 60%, making smart windows more accessible for homeowners seeking ways to lessen energy consumption and costs, according to the company.

Click’s electrochromic window technology will allow users to adjust the tint of a window between clear and dark states through an app, smart device or voice control. Click’s partnership with Cardinal Glass, a window producer, will help propel its smart windows into the market.

“The opportunities here are immense; heating, cooling and lighting account for 35% of home energy consumption, half of which can be lost through windows,” said Curtis Berlinguette, Click CEO and co-founder. “Our partnership with Cardinal Glass is a massive leap towards bringing the future of windows into the present, with just one Click.”

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