FeneTech customers in North and South America and Australia wrapped up their portion of the FeneTech Virtual User Conference last week. The conference will continue with two sessions this week and one next week for customers in Europe and Asia.

FeneTech shared the latest enhancements and features of its FeneVision ERP software to over 200 users registered for the virtual conference.

“The conference went surprisingly well, and the interest was great. With the cancellation of our regular user conference, we strongly felt we needed to do something to keep our customers up-to-date with all these new developments,” says FeneTech Europe CEO Horst Mertes. “Though this virtual user conference will never replace our regular conferences, it was the best alternative and very well-attended worldwide.”

Users from over 106 different glass fabrication companies and door and window manufacturers from five continents attended via video conferencing. Attendees entered questions in the video conferencing chat feature, and answers were given either by the session’s presenter or a moderator. Friday’s final 4 p.m. session was followed by a virtual happy hour, a tradition FeneTech president and CEO Ron Crowl began with his employees at the beginning of Ohio’s stay-at-home order.

The user conference is not only vital for updating customers, but it is an essential part of FeneTech’s development plan, according to organizers. By gathering ideas from its customers during the conference, FeneTech will assemble a list of features that are most important for users’ success. This drives the company’s development for the coming year.

“Going into this conference, we knew it would be a completely different experience with our customers. The online engagement with everyone was even better than I expected and it helped to bring some sense of the camaraderie that we get to experience at the conference every year. We received a lot of great feedback from our customers on the new features available and many great ideas for the future of the system. This open communication with the extended FeneVision family will help us carry on our initiatives until we have the opportunity to meet in person again next year,” says Dave Miller, a member of FeneTech’s business development team.

Next year’s U.S. FeneTech User Conference is scheduled for June 7-9, 2021 in Cleveland. The dates and times for the FeneTech Europe User Conference have not yet been determined.

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