The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined Pompano Beach’s Assura Windows and Doors more than $80k for violations that were found at inspections in late October and early November and a penalty payment plan has been put in place, according to the OSHA website.

Two citations were issued on October 30, one for six serious infractions—a few having multiple references —and one for a single “other-than-serious” infraction. The serious infractions at that time ranged from employees who were exposed to noise not having hearing protection, flammable liquids not being stored correctly, and a work space not having the appropriate clearance.

All of those issues, and the other-than-serious citation, could have come with a fine of $35,842 and all were corrected before the end of that inspection.

More infractions for flammable liquid storage and dispensing were among the 19 different offenses OSHA representatives found in a November 7 return visit, as noted in the Citation and Notification of Penalty. These new citations also found the company “exposing employees to amputation … struck-by and other safety and health hazards,” an OSHA press release stated. The Citation and Notice of penalty listed eight different machines missing pedal covers that would otherwise “prevent unintended operation from falling or moving objects or by accidental stepping onto the pedals.” Two instances of “walking-working surfaces” containing hazards were found: employees manufacturing doors “were exposed to a tripping hazard while working in an area where an electrical conduit was raised approximately 4-inches above floor level,” and in a window manufacturing area, unsecured cardboard was found on the floor, creating a slipping hazard.

Machinery guards—or lack thereof—were exposing employees “to a caught-in hazard where the point of operation was not guarded” on 10 machines were listed in the Citation and Notice of Penalty, as were nine different punch press machines that had inadequate point of operation guards, which “did not prevent entry of hands or fingers into the point of operation by reaching through, over, under, or around the guard(s).”  Six machines exposed employees to caught-by hazards due to operation guards ‘not conforming to the maximum permissible openings specified,” and two machines were noted as not being properly anchored. One machine was not properly grounded, exposing the employees to a potential electrical shock hazard, and similar concerns were noted in the “path to ground from circuits, equipment, and enclosures” for three other items in the manufacturing plant.

Though the fines could have gone as high as $162,688, the company is now facing fines of $81,344.

Assura Windows and Doors have not yet responded to [DWM]’s request for comment.

For more on the importance of following OSHA regulations, including machine guards see a comprehensive article that appeared in the March 2020 issue of [DWM].

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  1. Substantial bad hazards in manufacturing.

    But, you never mentioned how good the window or the performance of the windows.

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