AmesburyTruth president Bob Burns provided an update today regarding the status of its operations in Juarez, Mexico, as COVID-19 is having an effect on operations there. The government of Mexico has declared a state of emergency and only critical manufacturing will be allowed to remain open. Burns said the company was notified today that it must halt all production from that facility by Monday, April 27, 2020. Thankfully, the company was prepared for this possibility and is prepared to continue serving its customers with block and tackle balances, he said, which is predominantly what is manufactured in that location.

“As we recognized the uncertainty around the ability to remain operational, we have been successfully ramping up production for the past several weeks in order to build up inventory at our U.S. distribution points,” he explained. “Of particular interest, AmesburyTruth’ s Sioux Falls location block and tackle balance capability mirrors that of Juarez, although at a lower volume.  We will maximize the output from that facility in the interim. We anticipate that this situation may impact our ability to deliver some products in a timely manner over the upcoming month.”

Burns also reported that the company is working with the authorities and teams in Mexico to safely reopen as soon as possible.

“Timing guidance is always susceptible to change, but our current estimate of the duration of this situation is May 17 to May 30 to resume normal operations in Juarez,” he said.



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