As COVID-19 has taken the country by storm, forcing door and window companies to adapt to suggested guidelines and stay-in-place orders, some say the virus has brought about newfound perspectives.

“Even if I die from it, I am glad it happened.  And this is not an ‘optimistic’ or the ‘glass is almost full’ view. This is my reality,” said Joel Fleischman, president and solution provider for Drexel Building Supply, when reflecting on the impacts COVID-19 has had on his business.

“With the current pandemic we all find ourselves in, we knew changes would be necessary in early 2020 so we began to prepare,” said Matt Christner of UTS Warranty.” The mandates that began to come down from the federal and state levels was the moment and turning point on implementing what we were preparing for weeks earlier.”

According to Fleischman, his company often failed to value employees’ time prior to the virus. This means more emphasis was placed on increasing work and hours in order to raise productivity. Since COVID-19 caused immediate changes in the workplace, his company “for the first time ever just focused on design, bids, orders, production, delivery and helped each other on the essentials,” Fleischman said.

As a result of the virus, Drexel’s employees were working 20% less in recent weeks, but ran at 96% of usual performance—including record sales in March.  “We each worked 30 or 32 hours as a team, played games, cleaned shelves, napped, and read books,” Fleischman recalled. “If we did it one week, we can do it every week.  It’s been proven,” he added.

“I don’t think any of us will think of viruses or contagious diseases the same once we come out of this current pandemic,” Christner said. “We are all learning how to best protect and safeguard our personal health and the health of our businesses, which will help us all during the flu season in a normal year.”

Going forward, how long you’re “punched in” will no longer be rewarded, Fleischman declared. “That is not a badge of honor anymore,” he said. “It always has been that way in our industry.  It might always be that way, [but] not for Drexel. Just because you work long hours, does not mean you are productive.  We care about what you get done accurately and quickly – that will be rewarded.”

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