I really did not want to blog about the coronavirus again. However, it is still big news and I have to say, in thirty years I have never seen anything quite like this. The closest thing to it that I can remember would have been the financial meltdown back in 2008. I would also say things are very different between 2008 and today.

Today, when the coronavirus took over, the economy was running well. No one knows for sure what will happen, but I continue to remain optimistic. I believe the recovery will be “v-shaped,” and although it will take some time to get things restarted—from hiring, to generating demand, to getting manufacturing cranked back up—it will come back quicker than many believe.

I have also had an interesting perspective on this, as it turns out, because I am not working for a manufacturer any longer. I have had the opportunity to talk with many manufacturers as well as dealers around the country. I have been a sounding board to many folks, offering an honest perspective on what’s happening, what to do and how different scenarios could potentially play out.

In addition, through my many years of traveling and working with salespeople, I understand how easy it can be to feel isolated. And as many of us have ‘stay at home’ or ‘shelter in place’ orders underway, I cannot stress enough the importance for staying connected with your peers and your company. By doing this, you will feel part of the team and have a better understanding of what is happening with your company.

Also, as mentioned in my previous blog, it is so important to maintain a routine. No one knows how this is going to play out, or when things will get back to a degree of normalcy, but having a routine makes you the expert on how you perceive things. It helps to control your perspective for how things might play out and in establishing a new form of normalcy. By having this mentality, it keeps you in control of your situation and being more of a solution finder, versus feeling like snowballs are coming at you from all directions.

Finally, I appreciate how this can all be so overwhelming, but it is so important to look for the bright spots. They do exist, and as we recover and eventually put this behind us, we are going to be more flexible and creative on how we tackle future challenges that come our way.


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