[DWM] received notice this morning and confirmed with company officials that, effective March 27, Thermal Windows and Doors in Murrysville, Pa., is permanently closed. With the promise of a $2 trillion economic stimulus package close at hand, but no end in sight for the effects of a pandemic, the company was forced to cease, says CEO and president Gary Acinapura.

When Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf placed businesses on lockdown March 20, his company followed orders, Acinapura says, while adding a message to its phone system explaining that the move was temporary. The message, which played as late as Wednesday morning, said that the company was still taking orders in hopes of springing back to action quickly. It’s since been replaced with a declaration that the temporary shutdown is now permanent, effective March 27.

Prior to the shutdown, the company was “poised to have a really good year,” Acinapura says. The business, which according to the Better Business Bureau was started in 1960, was then acquired from Atrium Corp. in October 2015, as what Acinapura describes as a “turnaround business.” But amid a pandemic that’s made forecasting all but impossible, “We had no picture of when this [coronavirus] was going to end,” he explains. “Our primary lender looked at our situation and thought this could be a very long and deep recession. The bank was concerned about our customers’ ability to pay as they try to conserve cash. All that uncertainty created an environment that was too risky.”

On the inside the company was asymptomatic, Acinapura says, as, “Operationally everything was clicking here,” he explains. “It’s factors outside of the building that created the issue.”

The company notified its 114 employees of the permanent closure on March 26, then began reaching out to dealers. While its website remains functional, “We are closed and trying to sell the business,” Acinapura says. “And if we can’t do that, we are trying to sell the assets.”

Regarding the grants and loans expected from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, officials for door and window companies say they fear that the related assistance won’t arrive soon enough for some.


  1. I don’t know the full story but to me it seems like they threw in the towel pretty easily without much fight. As a business owner I would fight for the survival of my business and my employees jobs much harder.

  2. He threw in the towel when he did to get money from the government. Blame his lack of running a business “that’s survived for 55 years!” On this virus. We as employees watched it happening for months. Bringing in mngrs with a school degree but no real experience. Focused on meetings 5 6 times a day to “talk” about problems instead of taking the reigns and “doing” something about them. He absolutely chose now for bail out money pure n simply.

  3. It is a fact that he threw in the towel without a fight of any kind. He wasn’t paying the bills(suppliers etc) for at least a year. He used this pandemic as a way out. It only took him 1 week to actually close the company. Does that sound like a fight? He effected so many workers and their families. He actually tried to get some employees to come back and help with the dismantling of the equipment. None of them would. He offered minimum payment to do so. What would make him think ANY ex-employee would ever ever help him. That just shows his mentality.. so so sad. It’s been a great company until he took over.

  4. X-Employee. When Gary Acinapura took over the company, he said he made all the mistakes in the past, this time he was going to do things right. “Wrong”. He promised us that the company would have its best year in 2020. What a joke. I hope that Mr. Ascinapura doesn’t have the chance to ruin anyone else’s life. Time for you to retire. Give up on trying to run a business.

  5. This situation was caused by incompetent management, not corona. He saw a way out and jumped on it. He screwed 114 people in less than a week and didn’t even buy us dinner first.

  6. I’m not an employee, but tried contacting the company for a replacement part. The owner sounded like he blamed the pandemic for his own shortcomings and poor leadership. No one closes after just one week of a lockdown. I am so sorry for all of you that lost your jobs.

  7. Anyone know where parts for Sunroom Enclosures can be obtained? Specifically Mortise Double Hook locks for sliding doors.

  8. Can some kind person who worked for Thermal Industries tell me how to remove my Lagance 3 slider to replace the rollers? Maybe the stationary door has to come off first, but I’m not seeing how to get it out of the glide rail track??

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