FGIA executive director Janice Yglesias, released a statement about the alliance’s operations as COVID-19 continues. At this time, the FGIA headquarters office in Schaumburg, Ill. is closed with all employees from that location working full-time from home, according to Yglesias’ statement.

The FGIA Canadian office in Ottawa is currently open but that status may change at the discretion of the employees operating out of that facility. The company notes that although each of its Schaumburg employee’s office phones are currently being forwarded, email will be the most effective method of communication for many of our staff.

“Given that our next event is set to take place several months from now, FGIA is currently still planning to hold our summer conference from June 22-25 in Chicago,” Yglesias said. “We will be monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation closely in the coming weeks to properly evaluate proceeding with the event. Should any changes to our plans for the FGIA Summer Conference arise, we will communicate them promptly.”

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