It seems that all we are hearing about these days is the coronavirus. The news media is talking about it nonstop; the stock market is bouncing up and down; and we are hearing about the virus spreading at a dramatic rate. My intent is not to minimize these reports, but more so to look ‘around them.’

I want to emphasize to everyone: Whether you are an owner, a salesperson or have other key duties with your company, keep your focus. We wake up every day to do our jobs and it is easy to get distracted with bad news—whether it’s this event or something else. But we need to stay focused with the tasks in front of us.

As I have written many times before, there is always going to be some event that occurs, causing us to think we cannot make sales, or we cannot go about doing business. These events can easily be built-in excuses for not going through our selling systems and business processes. But guess what? The world keeps going on and business is happening. People are still buying windows for their homes and dealers are still buying windows from their window partners.

My tips for staying focused are simple:

  • Stop paying such close attention to the news. Whether it is this event or another one that we don’t yet know about—do your best to stay away from the news. It’s filled with bold negative headlines. These ‘worst ever’ headlines get ratings. Don’t allow yourself to become part of those ratings. Be different!
  • Stay positive. Listen to positive podcasts. Read positive books.
  • Go about your normal business. Follow your selling system or your business processes. They will keep you focused and successful.
  • Stop going through the motions and be committed and focused on what you are doing.

Finally, I understand all this can be scary. But we will get through this, just like we have gotten through everything else. Sometimes we come out a little more battered and bruised, but we always come out smarter and more experienced too!

Great Selling!


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  1. Finally a ray of sunshine in all this gloom and doom. Heartily join you in looking at that almost full glass.

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