You’ve cracked the code to feeding your digital marketing machine via all the different types of website traffic. Each month you see increasing numbers of visitors to your website. But what doesn’t seem to be growing each month is the number of leads you get from the digital marketing efforts made for your home improvement business.

As you can guess, getting them to your site is only half the battle. You have to get them to convert.

You’ve probably heard the term “conversion” or “conversion rate” thrown about. While there can be stages of conversions (e.g. someone that clicks on your PPC ad is technically a “conversion” as they’ve taken a next step), the real conversion that we’re interested in is when they “convert” to becoming a lead by actually requesting an appointment.

Over the next few conversations, we’ll get further into the weeds about ways to increase these types of conversions, but here are some general items to begin thinking through.

  • Plan for multiple visits: You probably know that no matter what industry that you’re in, it may take numerous visits to your website before a homeowner converts. Are you doing things to increase opportunities to continue marketing to them until they are ready to “buy” (by actually setting the appointment)?
  • It’s not about you: Just like in selling situations, it isn’t about you; it’s about them. How many times does your site use the word “we?”
  • People buy from people they like and trust: How are you sending a message that says “You can trust us?”
  • What’s next: Do visitors know what to do next, no matter where they are on your site?
  • Don’t forget mobile: Check your stats to see what device(s) visitors to your site use. I’d be willing to bet that it’s well over 50% mobile devices. What does your site look like on a smartphone?
  • Hedge your bets: If a third (or more) of your website traffic is organic, at least some of it may arrive because homeowners know about the products you carry. If a homeowner is searching for the window you carry in your town, don’t you want to be found?

See you next month!

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